OXBT, MCHX, TWTR & Extended Watchlist

Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc. OXBT

OXBT followed our expectations to the letter yesterday. We were heralding the stock for its stellar 560% gain, then mentioned that we would be “on alert for any possible pullbacks, because those will often lead to excellent bounce opportunities.” The monstrous run that had begun a few days prior found its apex, giving way to a significant consolidation. After opening at 9.73, OXBT went as high as 11.40, that’s 17% intraday, and from our original alert low of 1.46 (10/29), a tremendous 681%

Upon the anticipated pullback we saw the stock fall to 6.81, bounce, close at 7.70, and this morning pre-market trades have been going off above the 8.00-mark. Moving forward we’d like to see the stock hold support above yesterday’s low, and continue to make higher lows.

This whole thrill ride was catalyzed when OXBT’s partner Phyxius Pharma announced testing results on its heart medication, ‘Levosimendan’, which showed effectiveness in reducing mortality rates among patients undergoing surgical procedures with reduced cardiac function.Tests at the Duke School of Medicine showed it could potentially reduce unwanted outcomes from open heart surgery by as much as 50%. OXBT has a standing agreement to acquire Phyxius, and by extension, the rights to Levosimendan. This is a story we will continue to follow through to its conclusion.

Marchex, Inc. MCHX

MCHX appeared in yesterday’s extended watchlist and made a nice move, trading in a range from 8.17 to 10.00. That represents a 22% gain, and the stock did manage to close out the session maintaining much of that increase at 9.91.

The Twitter IPO – TWTR

As many of you undoubtedly know, on Wednesday, Twitter priced its shares at $26, and will begin trading on the NYSE today under the symbol TWTR. As we did with Facebook, we are using caution early on, as the conditions seem set to create a “perfect storm” of volatility out of the gate. Demand from the outset is expected to be very high, which would create buying pressure and likely cause a significant increase as the first shares begin trading hands. Some experts believe as much as a 30% initial spike could occur, which we believe would lead a sizable number of investors to take those quick profits off of the table right away. That wave of selling pressure could kick up the volatility, causing some major swings in share price.

On the other hand, if demand for the stock has been underestimated, we could be looking at a maiden run that spans multiple sessions. This is why, and the Facebook IPO certainly provided a good lesson to that effect, we are approaching TWTR with a healthy skepticism. No matter how it all plays out, it will be very interesting to watch. You can be sure we will continue to comment as the situation unfolds.

Extended Watchlist:
GSS, JCP, OXGN, LPSN, NURO, GERN, AGEN(Coming off of recent lows)

OXBT | Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc. & Extended Watchlist

Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc. OXBT

We’ve been talking OXBT since October 22nd; shortly thereafter we would see a low of 1.46 (10/29) in this stock which has basically been on an epic run ever since. Yesterday, it attained a high of 9.75 on just over 22X the average volume, which marks a mega-move of 560% in just five trading sessions.

It looks as if the stock is gapping up even further this morning, making OXBT a hot-button topic right now. Big congratulations are in order for anyone who was able to take advantage of OXBT’s monstrous run. As is the case with any stock that is up this much over such a short time period, we want to stay on alert for any possible pullbacks, because those will often lead to excellent bounce opportunities.

Stay tuned to our reports for ongoing coverage of the OXBT situation.

Extended Watchlist:
CETV, MSPD, MCHX, YRCW (Coming off of recent lows),