A Selection of July Calls & More

Winning Options Review: 

We were pleased to start off the short trading week with a bang yesterday, getting right back on track with a couple of options trading ideas that netted some good intraday gain opportunities for anyone who was paying attention. The markets ripped all day long, so it was definitely a good time to go bullish on the SPY.

We did so with the SPY 06/21 $369-371 Calls, and we also stuck in an idea for the one earnings play that stood out to us on the day, the LEN Weekly $64-66 Calls. In both cases, the potential profits reach multibag territory. Those moves were as follows:

SPY 06/21 $369-371 Calls
 3.76-7.43 (+98%)
$370: 2.88-6.52 (+126%)
$371: 2.59-5.50 (+112%)

LEN Weekly $64-66 Calls

$64: 1.90-4.03 (+112%)
$65: 1.88-4.00 (+113%)
$66: 1.05-3.23 (+208%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

We’re in the midst of an earnings drought that is going to persist for at least a few more weeks, but we’re still trucking right along, working with what we’ve got. Today’s earnings play that stands out in the premarket is from the Winnebago chain, while we’ve also noticed some insider buying near the bottom on NLOK.

WGO 07/15 $45-50 Calls
NLOK 07/15 $24-25 Calls
FL 07/15 $31-32 Calls

Revlon, Inc. REV – Recap: 

We’ve also got an update on Revlon, which we tagged for observation on Friday morning. The stock has followed that alert up with two nice sessions in a row now. Our observed range for that period is 2.73-6.95 (+155%) This morning’s premarket high of 8.39 marks an overall increase of 207% over just a few trading days!

Extended Watchlist: 

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PZOO News & Other Updates

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

We directed our attention at PZOO to start off the week, and so far the stock has put on a good performance. From a low of a penny on Monday we saw a nice move up, and yesterday the stock continued to build a higher base of support.

We witnessed a trading range from .0131 to .0144, a modest 10% intraday move; from our observed low on Monday, that’s registered as a nice 44% intraweek swing.

We’re going to need to keep our eye on PZOO as the week progresses, especially in light of the important news update we received from the company this morning regarding its ongoing expansion into the marijuana testing business (excerpt below).

WHIPPANY, N.J., May 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pazoo, Inc. (OTC:PZOO), is pleased to announce that wholly-owned subsidiary Harris Lee has gained the exclusive right to operate testing laboratories in the State of Colorado utilizing Steep Hill Labs’ highly-rated testing techniques and methodology.

Colorado is the third state in which Pazoo Inc. subsidiaries have created a license relationship with Steep Hill for their testing technology. Agreements have been established with Steep Hill in Nevada, Oregon and now Colorado. >> FULL PR

PlasmaTech Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. PTBI

PTBI is another call we made on Monday which has also returned a noteworthy two-day performance. It’s one that we had already tracked  over an impressive range earlier this month, and when we rehashed it on Monday, we observed a low of 8.05.

Yesterday the stock pushed its way to a high of 10.83, marking a 35% swing. We want to continue to keep a keen eye on PTBI; this morning’s PR alludes to the granting of Orphan Drug status to a couple of the company’s products by the FDA:


DRNK also appeared in yesterday’s premarket report, and we wanted to mention the activity that ensued. After gapping up in the morning, the stock executed a dip-and-rip pattern, coming down to bounce off of a low of .0054 before running back to .0076, providing a chance at up to 41% in intraday gains.

Enviro-Serv, Inc. EVSV

We mentioned EVSV along with MNKD yesterday, and it too made a strong move on the day. From .001 the stock found a subsequent high of .0015 for a nice, round, 50% pop.

Side Note:

We’re going to have an eye on HIHI as well today on the heel of some share reduction news. The company is reducing the outstanding shares by nearly a third, so we’ll be interested to follow the resulting price action. >> VIEW PR

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PZOO Recap & More

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

Our timing in re-alerting our readers to PZOO’s prime positioning in yesterday’s premarket report was absolutely spot-on. The stock had finally found and bounced off of a solid level of support in the prior session, and yesterday’s trading range provided a great chance for traders to make a solid buck.

From an early low of a penny, the needle was pointing up all day as PZOO ran into the end of the session, hitting .0136 for an intraday gain of 36% The stock closed just two ticks below its high of day (.0134) and logged a trading volume of nearly double the 3-month average.

Anytime we see a momentous daily performance like that, we’re always on the lookout for residual gains in following sessions.

We also want to remind our readers that today is the start of the a 4th Annual Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Chicago, at which PZOO has secured a booth. It’s currently the country’s largest cannabis trade show, and runs from today through Thursday, with most of the activities kicking off tomorrow..

*We know that we have quite a few subscribers in the Greater Chicagoland Area, so we’d suggest going over to the conference at the Chicago Hilton to visit with Pazoo’s reps. The first 200 people to stop at the booth will receive a free custom t-shirt. >> Official PR

Plug Power, Inc. PLUG

We re-tagged PLUG, an old favorite, in our morning report from a week ago today. At the time, we saw a marginal gain from 2.48-2.73, and after spending another few sessions under an overall consolidation, PLUG found support yesterday at 2.53 where it began to rebound. In the premarket today the stock has traded as high 2.80.

We’re going to extend an options idea for PLUG that is significantly long-term; the September 18th $3.00 Calls (Last Traded: .19) could be in line to provide us with a solid opportunity/opportunities in the weeks and months ahead.

OraSure Technologies, Inc. OSUR

We also wanted to remind our readers of another timely alert we entered into the mix in yesterday’s report. OSUR traded in a range from 6.40 to 7.59, a respectable 19% increase.

Today the stock has surpassed that high in the premarket, running as high as 8.00, which extends the total overnight gain we’ve seen so far to 25% We’re going be watching for OSUR to possibly continue this run on the heel of some joint press with Walgreens this morning.

Potential Momentum Plays

Here we’ve got a couple of ‘momo-plays’ (one of which with a fresh PR out this morning) that we’re going to be keeping an eye on today:

Enviro-Serv, Inc. EVSV


Extended Watchlist: