BMSN, DNYS & Extended Watchlist

Bio-Matrix Scientific Group, Inc. BMSN

BMSN has appeared on our watchlist for the past couple of days, starting the day after Christmas, during which time the stock traded in a range from Wednesday’s low of .0003 all the way up to yesterday’s high of .0013 for a titanic two-session gain of 333%


Dynasty Limousine, Inc. DNYS

DNYS was added to our extended watchlist for the first time yesterday, after we saw the stock come off of its bottom last week.

The stock opened at .078, closing at the high of day of .1194. A break past the 50DMA of .12 would catapult DNYS to even more impressive gains, so this is definitely one to watch into the New Year. The stock has seen a surge into the mid-.40’s as recently as November, so we are aware of the gains it is capable of producing.

The chart is looking extremely favorable, with the PPS having broken through the 20, 100 & 200DMA’s, and the RSI looking like it wants to break through the 50DMA soon. The PPO is pinching in for a cross, as well as the histogram looking ready to flip up to the bullish side. The Slow STO recently crossed over, and is diverging as it prepares to cross the 50DMA.


Extended Watchlist: