Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Retail Focus

Retail Focus

Macy’s, Inc. M - With the holiday season fast approaching, we’ll be on the lookout for retail plays with good upside potential, and Macy’s could be a good fit in that regard.

You can take a look at the chart below and see that the stock has just begun to show signs of a rebound after getting absolutely hammered earlier this month. Indicators suggest that the stock is rather oversold.

We’re going to radar a set of longer-term contracts, the M 11/17 $23 Calls, which should see a nice move if the stock can indeed regain the ground it’s lost over the past few weeks. There’s also a gap on the chart to the $28 area, the filling of which would propel those contracts to huge gains.


JC Penney Co. Inc. JCP - Another retailer we’ve talked about many times in the past, particularly leading up to and during the holidays, is JCP.

Similar to the above mentioned play, the stock took a punishing hit to its PPS over the past few weeks, and has shown the beginnings of a rebound. It has an even larger gap on the chart, and a chance to fill it even quicker.

The stock itself could end up being a good recovery play, but we’ll also want to put a couple sets of options contracts on watch as well, with the JCP 11/17 $4 and 4.50 Calls.


More Retail Ideas – Also in the retail sector, and each with premarket earnings beats, are American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. AEO and Express, Inc. EXPR. We’re going to radar the AEO Weekly $12 & 12.50 Calls, and the EXPR 09/15 $6 & $7 Calls.

Zion Oil & Gas, Inc. ZN

We also wanted to quickly update readers on the performance of ZN, after it was a topic of discussion in yesterday’s premarket report. While the stock didn’t break out by any means, it did trade from a low of 2.95 to a high of 3.42 for a modest 16% intraday move.

It did, however, manage to close just two cents below its high of day, so we’ll have it on continued watch this midweek, looking for the recording of higher highs and higher lows.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Tuesday’s Gainers, Options Recap & More

Yesterday’s Movers

While Tuesday’s activity was more subdued than the landmark session we had on Monday, we did manage to find major success with our options trading ideas, as well as the following stocks which made moderate moves to the upside:

Propanc Health Group Corp. PPCH – PPCH is a stock we’ve talked about on several occasions in the past, and it continued its ascent off of recently established annual lows following its inclusion in yesterday’s morning report.

The stock traded in a range from .0188 to .026, an intraday pop totaling 38%, and it did so on volume which came in at nearly quadruple the 3-month average. It also closed just a few ticks below the HOD, so we’ll certainly have a continued spot on our watchlist reserved for PPCH for the time being.


Black Stallion Oil & Gas, Inc. BLKG – Traders with a quick trigger finger could have taken advantage of the rapid move made by BLKG right out of the starting gate yesterday, with its spike from .08 to .12. The run was, however, relatively short-lived as compared to the previously mentioned play.

Options Recap

Our options calls (and puts!) turned out to be the stars of the show yesterday, as we were mentioning above. As our regular readers are surely aware, we’ve developed the keen ability to spot short-term options opportunities with hawk-like acuity, and that fact was on full display once again.

Urban Outfitters, Inc. URBN - Weekly $29-32 Calls

$29 Calls – Trading Range: 1.79-4.10 – Max Gain: 129%
$30 Calls – Trading Range: 1.20-3.11 – Max Gain: 159%
$31 Calls – Trading Range:  .89-2.36 – Max Gain: 165%
$32 Calls – Trading Range: .42-1.56 – Max Gain: 271%

Shake Shack, Inc. SHAK -  Weekly $40-37.50 Puts

$40 Puts– Trading Range: 1.60-2.96  – Max Gain: 85%
$39.50 Puts – Trading Range: 1.35-2.65  – Max Gain: 96%
$39 Puts – Trading Range: 1.19-2.46  – Max Gain: 107%
$38.50 Puts – Trading Range: 1.30-1.96  – Max Gain: 51%
$38 Puts – Trading Range: .92-2.76  – Max Gain: 200%
$37.50 Puts – Trading Range: .69-1.25  – Max Gain: 81%

Extended Watchlist:
PPHM(Coming off annual lows w/ large gap to fill)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Reviewing a Monster Monday

Monday’s Huge Winners

We kicked off the week in grand fashion yesterday, with what was easily the most successful single session for stocks we’ve had so far in 2016. We had an incredible three picks, all energy-related stocks, make gains of at least a hundred percent concurrent with the continued bolstering of oil prices.

SandRidge Energy, Inc. SDOC

We continued to track SDOC yesterday, after our mention in Friday’s premarket report netted a chance at up to 35% in intraday gains (.05-0674), and the surge was sustained and multiplied. After gapping up to open at .075, the stock bulled its way to an afternoon high of .154, for a solid double-bagger (105%).

From our observed low of a nickel on Friday, yesterday’s high marked a two-session swing of 208%


Penn Virginia Corp. PVAH

Undoubtedly our top-gaining pick of the day, PVAH was off to the races promptly at the open.

It was a pleasure to watch as it spent the entire session in beast-mode, ramping its way up from .112 to .38 on immense volume! That’s an increase of 239% on the day, so big cheers go out to any of our readers who were able to take advantage of this gem!


Goodrich Petroleum Corp. GDPM

GDPM came up big as well with an excellent intraday run, while managing to hold a majority of its daily advances into the close.

It started out with a rip from .0875-.1998, an intraday move of 128%, and came in at .174 at the closing bell, finishing the day on roughly 5x its 3-month average volume.


Linn Co. LLC (LNCO)

While LNCO didn’t crack the double-bag threshold, it certainly had a solid session and came close. The stock traded in a range from .95-1.70, offering up intraday gains if up to 79%


Breightburn Energy Partners, Inc. BBEP

BBEP also put forth a modest, yet respectable performance, rounding out our group of gainers for the day with a run from .80-1.25. That gave folks a shot at gains as high as 56% on the day.

Options Ideas

We’re also going to go ahead and formulate a couple of options trading ideas this morning- one long, and one short:

Urban Outfitters, Inc. URBN - Weekly $29-32 Calls  

Shake Shack, Inc. SHAK -  Weekly $40-37.50 Puts

Extended Watchlist:
AXPW, PPCH, BLKG, TPLM, EGLE, SBGL, SKLN(Possible Rebound Play)