Options Winners, 4-Pack of Fresh Ideas

Options Gainers Everywhere!

As we promised on Friday morning, we’re circling back around today to the options ideas we formulated in that report, after taking yesterday to highlight an interesting waste-to-energy company. If you missed that special report, check it out now.

The five targets we zeroed in on for Friday’s session were the EXPE Weekly $175-180 Calls, the DDOG Weekly $190-195 Calls, the PFE Weekly $47.50-49 Calls, the ABNB Weekly $185-190 Calls, and the PINS Weekly $43-45 Calls. In every case, we swept the board with intraday gainers all around.

Here were the daily moves and total possible profits that were on the table for traders: 

EXPE Weekly $175-180 Calls
$175: 1.90-7.72 (+306%)
$177.50: 1.30-5.88 (+352%)
$180: .90-4.06 (+351%)

DDOG Weekly $190-195 Calls
$190: .18-1.18 (+555%)
$192.50: .14-.51 (+264%)
$195: .08-.19 (+138%)

PFE Weekly $47.50-49 Calls
$47.50: 1.40-1.82 (+30%)
$48: 1.12-1.58 (+41%)
$48.50: .94-1.36 (+44%)
$49: .81-1.12 (+38%)

ABNB Weekly $185-190 Calls
$185: 2.97-18.00 (+506%)
$187.50: 1.81-15.07 (+732%)
$190: 1.31-13.00 (+892%)

PINS Weekly $43-45 Calls
$43: 1.26-3.85 (+206%)
$44: .66-2.90 (+339%)
$45: .32-2.00 (+525%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 

We’ll get right back on track for tomorrow’s report by signaling some interesting earnings plays to track during today’s session, and attempt to keep our impeccable options record on this incredible run.

LCID Weekly $46-47 Calls
BNTX Weekly $247.50-255 Calls
RBLX Weekly $95-100 Calls
BEKE 11/19 $17.50-20 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: 

Key Updates, Fresh Options Ideas

OTC Runners 

In addition to big board options plays, which have become our bread and butter over the years, we still like to follow the money and OTC stocks haven’t been this hot in ages. It takes us back to our roots, when penny plays were our primary focus. We have been tracking quite a few OTC-traded targets in recent weeks, and we’ve got some updates for our readers this morning on how OSCZ, OPTI, and ALYI have fared since we raised the alarm.

Here are the dates of our initial flags, the trading ranges we’ve observed, and the total possible gains they represent, including an incredible 31-BAGGER on OZSC in a matter of just three weeks: 

Ozop Energy Solutions, Inc. OZSC
Initial Alert: January 5th
Range: .007-.23
Gained: 3186%

Optec International Inc. OPTI 
Initial Alert: December 23rd
Range: .056-.20
Gained: 257%

Alternet Systems Inc. ALYI 
Initial Alert: January 7th
Range: .0152-.0475
Gained: 212%

eXp World Holdings Inc. EXPI – Options Update

In our report on Thursday morning, we updated our EXPI watchlist to include the EXPI 02/19 $90-95 Calls and we have had a really nice opportunity with that idea, which has produced multibag gains over these three sessions.

EXPI 02/19 $90-95 Calls
$90: 9.30-24.50 (+163%)
$95: 7.50-21.22 (+183%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
GE Weekly $11-12 Calls
MMM Weekly $170-172.50 Calls
JNJ Weekly $167.50-170 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Chatroom Calls, More Ideas

From Our Daily Traders Chat

Based on the events of yesterday morning, it’s time once again to point out why we strongly suggest our readers also take part in our daily live traders chats via Skype.

Promptly at the opening bell, as you can see on the screen-snap below, we signaled interest in WCYN, which subsequently went on a huge intraday tear that took it from a low of  .0035 to as high as .047; that’s a move of 1243%

We also alerted TOPS at that time, and it made a run from 4.35 to a high of 7.09 for a 63% pop on the day. The stock is trading up over 7.50 in the premarket, so it looks like our observed gains are set to increase this morning.

Both of these plays are great examples of late-breaking opportunities that don’t make it into our daily reports, but that we still make available to our community of traders, and that includes YOU! To get involved, simply send a Skype contact request to username: “stocksumo” and we’ll get you all set up!

Kraig BioCraft Laboratories, Inc. KBLB

Yesterday we were outlining our July 13th report wherein we alerted KBLB, which was trading as low as .0261 at the time. To that point we’d seen it accumulate a gain of 164%, hitting .069 on Friday.

We also mentioned that we’d continue to track the stock if it could hold support above .04, and KBLB did us one better; it ran 27% from .075 to .095, and extended the overall increase we’ve witnessed in just over two weeks to an impressive 264%

CGrowth Capital, Inc. CGRA

After appearing in yesterday’s premarket report, this old familiar face produced a decent chance for some solid intraday profits. CGRA traded in a range from .0235 to .032, a notable jump of 36%

Options Idea:

Shire plc SHPG – Coming off of a premarket earnings release that has SHPG gapping up moderately in premarket trading this morning, we want to signal a range of options contracts to track in sessions ahead.

We’re looking at the SHPG Weekly $197.50-202.50 Calls. We’ll be interested in these calls provided SHPG holds support above the $195 mark on any initial pullbacks off of this morning’s gap-up.

Extended Watchlist: