Waste-to-Energy Company Embraces Circular Economy

Susglobal Energy Corp. (OTCQB:SNRG)

We’ve got key feature to bring to our readers this morning with this special report on SNRG. Susglobal Energy is the developer of SusGro, a pathogen-free, organic, liquid fertilizer that is produced using proprietary waste-to-energy processes. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, with bases of operations in both the eastern and western regions of the province (Belleville, Hamilton, respectively), the company holds several provincial licenses for organic waste processing.

In recent years, bio-fertilizers have emerged as a favored alternative to harsh chemical fertilizers, due to being both non-toxic and cost-effective in nature. They make naturally occurring nutrients in the soil and atmosphere, available to growing plants, without the use of inorganic compounds which carry potentially harmful side effects. SNRG‘s SusGro not only accomplishes this feat, but does so while reducing the environmental burden of waste products that would otherwise be in need of disposal. Reducing waste and converting its energy to that which is useful for food production is quite literally the future of agriculture.

Of the $200B fertilizer market, the organic subsector accounts for $19B, annually, and SNRG has both the desire and ability to capture a meaningful segment. Outsiders have taken notice as well, as SusGro™ Organic Liquid Fertilizer was the recent recipient of Lucintel’s “2021 Product Innovation Award in the Fertilizer Market”. (>>View PR)

According to Lucintel, SNRG was chosen for the award because “SusGro™ Organic Liquid Fertilizer is considered an economical, sustainable and highly effective alternative to traditional fertilizers. It helps in the improvement of water retention, soil fertility, and pore space to enhance crop productivity by producing healthy plants.”

We’re eager to begin tracking SNRG for its impressive products which have been recognized for their ingenuity, and the promise it shows as a potential ground floor opportunity for those interested in environmentally friendly, “green” companies. Read on for our technical view of its current positioning, and be sure to stay tuned to our daily reports, as we will pass along new developments and news updates as they occur! If you are not already signed up for these trading day morning publications, click here and get subscribed for free today.


Not only are we intrigued with the space in which SNRG operates and the nature of its green technologies, but we are coming across this stock at an opportune moment in time, wherein it is trading at what we feel is a bargain pricing.

The stock is establishing higher lows after coming off of a bottom as recently as just last month.
Of late, it has been breaking back above its 50-day moving average (.228) with the next key resistance level at the 200DMA of .278. The RSI is in a neutral zone and we’d like to see it stay above 50, while the MACD has recently undergone a bullish cross and appears strong.

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