Blue Horseshoe Stocks: More Hot Options Calls

Roku, Inc. ROKU

We signaled a range of ROKU calls yesterday morning after having tracked the stock itself to some nice gains in recent weeks. Despite a late pullback, ROKU produced an intraday run sufficient to propel four out of our five sets of highlighted contracts to some really nice single session moves.

With the exception of the 45.50′s which were too far out of the money, all of the targets yielded multi-bag gain opportunities on the day.

$43.50 Calls – Range: .34-.88 – Max Gain: 159%
$44 Calls – Range: .20-.70 – Max Gain: 250%
$44.50 Calls – Range: .23-.50 – Max Gain: 117%
$45 Calls – Range: .16-.48 – Max Gain: 200%


Petroleo Brasileiro SA (Petrobras) PBR – Update

Just a quick update on the PBR Weekly $14.50-15.50 Calls that we signaled and rode to some nice gains earlier this week. We wanted to remind readers that those are still in play, and with PBR gapping up in the premarket once again, we’d expect to see new highs on our tracked contracts which have already produced multi-bag upswings this week.

Constellation Brands Inc. STZ

We are quite familiar with Constellation, with the beverage giant being headquartered in the same city as our home offices. STZ was building some decent momentum off of recent lows, until this morning’s earnings release, where some lackluster figures and guidance for 2019 are getting the stock crushed in the premarket. It’s testing new annual lows, which has us sniffing for a bargain.

We are taking a longer view on this company and signal a couple of sets of extended-term calls for what we expect to be a rebound from current conditions in the weeks and months ahead. We’re going to place the STZ 02/01 $150-157.50 Calls and the 04/18 $160-170 Calls on watch.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: DAL Options & More

Delta Airlines Inc. DAL

Despite a tumultuous day for the markets yesterday, and mostly everything taking on a bearish characteristic, we’re still going to go bullish on DAL in the wake of the company’s quarterly earnings report released this morning.

Despite rising fuel costs, the company revealed that profits soared well past expectations as a result of increased demand leading to higher ticket prices.

As we always try to do when a company posts a solid beat, we’ll designate a range of options to place on watch, in this case the DAL Weekly $49.50-52 Calls. We’ll go ahead and track these into the end of the week. DAL stock was already oversold, getting hammered for weeks, so this report may be just the catalyst needed to effect an impressive reversal.


We had great success with the SPY earlier this week, and we want to come back to it this morning in the wake of the markets getting crushed yesterday. With the amount of uncertainty and potential volatility out there, we want to set ourselves up to have an active idea no matter which way the winds blow.

Should the SPY fall below $276, we will target the SPY Weekly $277 & $276 Puts. If it pulls above $276 we will focus on the $276 and $277 Calls, so either way, we should be able to quickly identify the proper course once trading commences. .

Extended Watchlist: 

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: NBEV Recap & More

New Age Beverages Corp. NBEV

It was back on the 9th of this month that we selected NBEV as a potential bottom play, and wanted to kick off the week by swinging back around to recap the excellent move the stock has made for us thus far.

After seeing a low of 2.11 on the morning of our initial alert, the stock has continually risen over the eight sessions since, touching a high of 4.24 on Friday. That represents a very nice 101% move, while volume over the same period has been notably increased. We’ll continue to monitor the progress here in coming sessions.

PetMed Express Inc. PETS

Speaking of steady risers, we’ve watched PETS for quite awhile now, having mentioned it for the first time in our report from the morning of September 11th.

Subsequent to that report, we observed a low of 32.90 and despite already being a thirty dollar stock, we’ve still seen it increase gradually and significantly, culminating at Friday’s high of 53.89. That marks a 64% increase, which is absolutely fantastic for a stock in this price range.

We’ll be interested to see how the stock is affected by the company’s solid premarket earnings release today. It’s gapping up in early trading and it appears we will see our observed highs boosted yet again.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options, Bottom-Plays & More


Wynn Resorts, Ltd. WYNN  - This play was part of a casino-related watchlist we put together at the beginning of this month, and it has essentially spent the last two weeks in a constant uptrend, culminating in a new 52-week high yesterday.

Despite having been in blue sky territory for so long, we’re still interested in setting a range of options calls to track over the next couple of sessions. The outlook on Macau gaming is bullish, and as a result, a lot of folks have casino stocks like this one on high alert. We’ll have the WYNN Weekly $108-110 Calls on watch today and tomorrow.


Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc. AERI – We’ve got a news-related runner in AERI this morning, which is soaring in the premarket today on the heels of positive trial results for its eye pressure drug.

To be ready to take advantage of the intraday activity in this play, we’ll be monitoring the AERI Weekly $30 & $35 Calls for possible daytrade opportunities.

AMC Networks, Inc. AMCX

We’re interested in flagging AMCX today after noticing the stock has just fallen to a new annual low on Monday, and indeed its lowest prices since January of 2013.

In the ensuing two sessions, higher highs and higher lows have been achieved off of that bottom. The stock is heavily oversold at present, and we’re going to place it on a long-term recovery watch.

Axion Power International, Inc. AXPW

We’ve been awaiting a bottom on AXPW for quite some time now, and it appears to have finally come this week. Just like the above-mentioned play, the stock hit a new 52-week low on Monday, and has made some steady progress in making its way off of that bottom over the past couple sessions.

This stock was trading at the .03-level less than three weeks ago, and a return to that area on the chart would be good for multi-bag gains from current levels, so we’ll be continuing to keep a close eye on this one as well.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Pot Stocks Going Viral

The Green Rush ContinuesHemp stocks continue to grow like weeds this week, and it has become increasingly clear that the trending toward this sector has now gone beyond the realm of mere retail, and into the hard-hitting arena of institutional trading. In some of these high-flying stocks, we were seeing bids worth tens of thousands of dollars stack up like hotcakes, and volume was through the roof, pretty much across the board. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to 2014, or a more solid validation of the long years we’ve spent following tons of cannabis stocks. We feel as if the success we’ve found thus far is just a taste of what’s to come. Just look at the following scan of the most active OTC stocks yesterday. Every single one is on our long-term marijuana tracking list:

As you can see, it is getting extremely difficult to track the individual story of every winner, because practically all of them have been going bananas! As we had to do yesterday, we’ll just list out the most impressive performances:

GreenGrow Technologies, Inc. GRNH

If we were impressed by GRNH’s run from .045 to .55 earlier this week, then we were astounded to see this one bull its way over a dollar, topping out at 1.20!  The roughly 1100% gain we had already gotten out of GRNH turned into a massive 2566% change from it’s low of .045. It held more than 50% of the day’s gains, closing just below .80.

Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. FITX

We saw a low of .0054 from FITX this week (Monday), and yesterday it just kept on moving.The stock bull-rushed up to a high of .03, a great 455% increase off of its low over just a three day period. Like alot of these plays, FITX closed strong, holding much of its ground at .0251.

Tranzbyte Corp. ERBB

ERBB was at .0026 early this week, and as of yesterday we’ve now followed it to a high of .0139. That’s a rapid gain of 435% The stock traded over 650M shares, shattering its 45M average.

Hemp, Inc. HEMP

HEMP was trading as low as .0153 when we tagged it in our report on New Year’s Eve. Yesterday’s frenzy carried it to .081, which represents an increase of 429%

Cannabis Science, Inc. CBIS

We’ve watched CBIS come off of its 52-wk lows (.028) in December, and it has been a bull-rush ever since. Yesterday’s high of .1185 equates to potential profits of up to 323%

Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. EAPH

We added EAPH to our blog in an update we published at 10:30am yesterday. At the time the stock had just begun to break out and was trading at .0041. Lucky for us, the breakout had only just begun. It would go on to touch a high of .0144 shortly before market-close, representing a single session gain of 251% from the low we caught.

SK3 Group, Inc. SKTO

Back in the fall, we tracked SKTO from the .013-range, and it made a push up toward .02. The stock has been as low as the .004-range as recently as late December. Yesterday, it would open just below a penny and run to more than three cents, joining the other pot related stocks in this mad-rush for profits.

GrowLife, Inc. PHOT

Our observed low of .157 (01/02) on PHOT was increased by 145% as the stock hit a high .385 yesterday. It’s amazing when you have to think of double-baggers as some  of the more mild performances, but that’s just what this green revolution has achieved.

Terra Tech Corp. TRTC

We observed a price of .193 on Tuesday in TRTC, and yesterday’s continued onslaught of buying pushed this one as high as .43. For anyone keeping track (We are!), that’s a two-day rip of 123%


AVTC was new to our “weed watchlist” yesterday, and after a low of 4.48 the stock shot out of the gate like a rocket, zooming to a subsequent 8.00-high, a gain of 79% . After pulling back to 3.90, it then rebounded to 5.30, adding a 36% swing, and bringing cumulative gains on the day to 115%

If all that isn’t enough to make your head spin, then nothing will. Stay tuned for further reports, as the medical and legal marijuana story has only just begun to be written. We’ll be tracking these things closely for a long time to come.

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