VHGI, ECUI & Extended Watchlist

VHGI Holdings, Inc. VHGI

As you can see below, VGHI earned us a spot on the Penny Stock Rumble on Friday as the #1 Penny Stock Newsletter, for the fourth time in recent memory.

The success of VHGI doesn’t surprise us at all, if you recall Friday’s report, this is a stock that has brought us hundreds upon hundreds of percentage gains in the past. The stock followed suit once again, gaining a solid 30%, as it ran from the daily low of .068, and went on to close at the high of day at .09.

We’d like to see the stock break that level going forward. Following the .09-.10 range, the next resistance doesn’t come until .195.

We prepared a video presentation of the VHGI chart as well:

Most Recent PR:

SULLIVAN Ind., April 1, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — VHGI Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: VHGI) is pleased to announce the successful delivery of 4,868 tons of coal from the Landree Mine to Indianapolis Power & Light on Friday March 29, 2013. This shipment, along with a 10 car test train the week before, brings the total shipped in March to approximately 5,700 tons.

Those of you who may be new to our reports, and unfamiliar with VHGI, the company has assets and interests in the Precious Metals, Energy Resource, and Technology fields. Specifically, Gold, Coal, and Medical Office Software.

More Information At: VHGIHoldings.com


Ecuity, Inc. ECUI

ECUI has done very well since we put it on our watchlist. We feel compelled to mention that the stock is currently designated Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) by OTCMarkets, usually meaning that they are not up to date with current information. So we want to be very cautious with this play. At the same token, as we said, the stock has done well for us, and remains on our watchlists.

The stock has appeared in our reports several times, on February 27th, again on March 28th, and most recently, on April 9th.

Since that time, it has traded as low as .0008, and on Friday the stock hit a high of .0023, representing a 188% move. The chart still shows positive indications, with the PPO pinching and the Slow SLO in the midst of a bullish cross.

We prepared a video chart for ECUI as well today:


Extended Watchlist:
NFLX, WPNV (Lots of message board chatter over the weekend), LBYE (News Out Today)