Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Reviews


We formulated two options ideas for yesterday morning’s premarket report, and with the help of a gap-and-go session for the overall markets, we saw appreciable gains in each and every contract we had designated for observation.

SPDR S&P500 (ETF) SPY -The SPY is always our go-to when we have a gut feeling about market sentiments, and the number of times we’ve found success with trading its options is practically uncountable at this point. Yesterday’s idea was no exception.

Our targets, the SPY Weekly 292-293.50 Calls performed admirably, providing ourselves and our readers with the following profit chances:

$292 Calls – Range: .91-2.04 – Max Gain: 124%
$292.50 Calls – Range: .60-1.53 – Max Gain: 155%
$293 Calls – Range: .33-1.07 – Max Gain: 224%
$293.50 Calls – Range: .14-.61 – Max Gain: 336%



Following a large Form-4 buy on the part of the CEO, we were interested in a longer-term play on PVH, highlighting the PVH 09/20 $75-85 Calls and those were able to get some traction on our first day of observation.

With an expiration still two weeks away, we’ll have plenty of time to realize any further gains, but the first day performance is certainly worthy of mentioning.

$75 Calls – Range: 5.10-7.02 – Max Gain: 38%
$80 Calls – Range: 2.00-3.40 – Max Gain: 70%
$85 Calls – Range: .55-1.25 – Max Gain: 127%

Fresh Options Idea:
PANW Weekly $215-222.50 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: GRLT Recap, Options Ideas & More

Healthy & Tasty Brands Corp. GRLT

In Friday’s morning report, we tagged GRLT, a super-subpenny play, for observation and the stock did make a nice initial move right out of the starting gate. It had been continually building a higher base level of support since the end of August, and continued that trend as it ran from .0005-.0007; a 40% jump. The move came on approximately 3X the 3-month average volume, and GRLT did manage to hold a PPS of .0006 into the close.

This is one that we’ll continue to watch for possible intraweek swing-trade opportunities in the near future. As we mentioned in Friday’s report, we’ll need to see it maintain support at or above the current 50DMA of .0004 in order for it to hold our attention moving forward., Inc. AMZN – Options Update

One of our main points of focus on Friday was an idea we formulated for the AMZN options chain. Looking at the activity on the AMZN chart as it was breaking out, we came up with an extended-term target of the AMZN 10/16 $550 Calls  and we saw some immediate response from those contracts. They traded in a daily range from 10.17 up to 11.89 marking a solid 17% increase.

If AMZN can continue its uptrend to the point of testing it’s annual highs, our targeted Calls will be pushed deep into the money, and in that case, would produce further opportunities down the road.

Apple, Inc. AAPL _ Options Idea

AAPL is gapping up this morning on positive pre-sale numbers for the new iPhone 6S Plus, and we’re going to go ahead and formulate an idea for some possible intraday/intraweek options-trading opportunities.

We want to signal our interest in AAPL Weekly $115-116.50 Calls on the heels of what could be a potential dip-and-rip scenario on the chart. Either way, we’ll be watching AAPL activity closely as we kick off this new trading week.

Extended Watchlist:
TBEV, ATHI, SANP, BPMX, ZUMZ(New 52-wk lows)