Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FXCM Update & More


We zeroed in on FXCM last Thursday morning and witnessed a big 41% run from 2.49-3.51. Following a pullback off of that high, the stock came down to rebound off of the 2.64-level on Friday, where we witnessed another 17% spike.

To start off the week FXCM continued to bounce yesterday, pulling back to 2.28, just below our initial alert price, and running back to 2.69, for an added gain of 18%

We’ll be on the lookout for any further opportunities provided by FXCM in the event that it continues to register ample swing-action such as what we’ve seen over the past few sessions.

Lentuo International, Inc.  LAS

LAS is hitting our scanner this morning as a potential bottom-bouncer. The stock has come down to rebound off of the

Last week, it was announced that the CEO and Chairman would be purchasing upwards of $1M worth of LAS stock on the open market inside of the next month, a good indicator of the executives’ long term outlook for the company.

We could be discovering this play at an opportune moment, coupling the recent PR with the stock’s current positioning on chart; we will make it a definite point of focus for us in coming sessions.

BEIJING, Jan. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Lentuo International Inc. (LAS) (“Lentuo” or “the Company”), a leading non-state-owned automobile retailer headquartered in Beijing, today announced that members of its senior management team…will use their personal funds to purchase the Company’s American Depositary Shares on the open market for an aggregate amount up to a maximum of US$1.0 million >>FULL PR

AK Steel Holding Corp. AKS

We want to tag AKS this morning as another stock that is coming up off of a recently realized 52-week low. We’ve had plenty of good fortune come to us by way of this type of play in recent weeks, so we’ll want to devote a good bit of our attention to this stock as we head into mid-week.

The stock has traded as high as $10 as recently as September, and with a number of ripening indicators on the chart as shown below, AKS could be in store for some significant gains.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PBR, RSH & Extended Watchlist

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR – Options

Our continuous tracking of the PBR option chain never seems to go very long without offering up significant opportunities.  Beginning on August 20th, we placed the Jan.17th $19 Calls on watch for a longer-term trading idea. Following that tag, we would observe those contracts trading at a low 1.23.

This week PBR has pushed to new highs, breaking the $19-mark and maintaining it into its close at 19.21, which landed our $19 Calls at 2.25. That represents a one-week increase of 83% and that figure could stand to inflate even further.

Those who have been following PBR with us since March, when we spied a low of 11.25 will be pleased to know that as of yesterday’s new high of 19.32, the overall increase we’ve seen in the stock amounts to 72%

RadioShack Corp. RSH

We reminded readers of our recent bottom call of RSH yesterday morning, having seen the stock touch its 52-week low at .55. Over the last several sessions it had been regaining some ground, and that pattern continued into yesterday as well.

RSH would trade as low as .91 before pushing through a dollar and closing at its high of day at 1.09. That’s an increase of 20% on approximately 7x its 1-month average volume; a strong move. With a close like that, we’ll be looking for some of the momentum to carry over.

Yesterday’s closing price represents an increase of 98% over our observed low of .55.

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