Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SODE New Highs & More

Social Detention, Inc. SODE

It was just yesterday morning that we commenting on our coverage of SODE, the subject of a special report we did two weeks ago, at which time the stock was trading for as little as .10.

We mentioned the 53% gain it had already made leading into yesterday’s session,
and that we wanted to watch for it to establish higher highs and higher lows, continuing its current uptrend.

We didn’t have to wait for new highs to come rolling in- SODE once again pushed its upper limits and attained a high of .27, marking an overall two-week upswing of 170% It traded with volatility as well, providing not one but four separate intraday swings, as you can see on the intraday chart below.

In sequential order, those swings came from .145-.26 (+79%), .19-.26 (+37%), .19-.27 (+42%) and from .20-.26 (+30%), for cumulative gains of 188% on the day.

Signet Jewelers Ltd. SIG – Options Idea

With SIG posting a solid beat on earnings this morning, we’re going to want to be standing ready with a set of options ideas to take advantage of what is some intense premarket acivity, with the stock in the process of filling a gap on the chart from late March.

Based on the stocks early hours performance, we’re going to slate the SIG Weekly $47.50-50 Calls for observation as we head through this midweek.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AMD, TJX & More

Social Detention, Inc. SODE

Our first order of business this morning is to return to SODE, a stock we recently published a special report on a little under two weeks ago. Immediately following that, we would observe a low of .10 in the stock, which has given way to a very respectable move since then.

Yesterday in a surge of price action and volume, SODE achieved a new high of .153, marking a 53% move in just a shade over a week. We’re going to want to maintain our watch over this play and look for it to establish higher highs and higher lows, continuing this current uptrend.

The TJX Companies, Inc. TJX – Recap

Yesterday in the premarket we reported some excellent progress with the TJX options ideas we presented in our report from May 22nd, the TJX 06/15 $85-90 Calls.

Based on the big move the stock itself made thereafter during yesterday’s session, we have to revisit our ideas again to provide the impressive new highs that were attained, along with our total possible gains so far.

$85 Calls – Range: 2.14-7.86 – Max Gain: 267%
$87.50 Calls – Range: .90-5.56 – Max Gain: 517%
$90 Calls – Range: .35-3.14 – Max Gain: 797%

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AMD 

Speaking of solid calls, we made one on AMD, tagging the stock for observation in our report from April 26th.  The move it has made since then is awe-inspiring- after having traded for as little as 10.61 on that day, the stock hasn’t looked back during what has been a month-long bullish surge.

Yesterday, AMD reached a new 52-week high of 14.98, which registers as a highly respectable increase of 41% in just under five weeks.

The stock has been in blue sky breakout mode for the past two sessions now, so it’s going to be very interesting to see where its path takes it from here. There may even be a dip and rip opportunity at some point as profit takers enter the mix, so we’ll want to stay light on our feet.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks Special Report!

Social Detention, Inc. SODE – Special Report

Good Morning Traders! Today, in lieu of our routine premarket reports, we have a special focus report on SODE. Social Detention is an up-and-comer that certainly has some things to sort out, but despite that, still has so many bright spots to its recent storyline.

Part of that story begins earlier this year with the acquisition of its namesake property, a social media platform for members of the $200 Billion/year corrections industry, from decision makers, vendors, and suppliers, to the facilities themselves. The company did not use stock or create any debt in the acquisition, and plans to generate revenue by setting up a marketplace to complement and augment the social platform.

In addition to this new direction, SODE also has a security and infrastructure engineering, estimating, project management and professional services business. That segment of its operations has been thriving, having been awarded multiple contracts in 2018 which allowed it to post record revenues last month for Q1, and assure shareholders that Q2 is on pace to continue that pattern. (>>View PR)

Mr. Robert P. Legg II, CEO of SODE, stated, “We are pleased with our progress but are simply building a base and will not be satisfied until we are a much larger and more profitable company.   We have come full circle winning projects, completing profitable project and gaining customer references.  With the upcoming trends in the infrastructure and security market I see no limit to our growth as we focus on the bottom line and rewarding shareholders.” (Source: Globe Newswire)


Holding true to its word so far, SODE has announced this week that its  ELLA subsidiary has been awarded several projects in California. The projects consist of building security and infrastructure repairs.  Combined Contract value is over $900,000, with work beginning this month, and will go on the books for Q2. (>>View PR)

LATE BREAKING NEWSALAMO, CA, May 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Social Detention Inc. (SODE), recently announced that it has executed an agreement with DME Inc. to procure, perform and share profits on California Contracts.  This partnership allows Social Detention Inc. to participate on proposals that are reserved for specific companies with certain classifications.  The agreement is effective May 21, 2018.

The profit share is 50/50 and recognized as contract revenues are received.  We anticipate the revenue for the next twelve months under this agreement to be $2-5m with profit of $600k to $1.5m and $5m to $10m in Year 2 with profit of $1.5m to $3m.  (>>Full PR)



In terms of the chart, we want to point out that there a clear pattern of establishing higher lows over the past few months, and the stock has also shown that it’s more than capable of making significant swings in a short amount of time.

It is this volatility that gives us hope for the SODE chart; the stock has made three significant moves in as many months. In March it ran from .0311-.1239 (+298%), then in April it ran from .035-.17 (+386%), and finally this month it made a move from .0711-.14 (+97%).


When all is said and done, SODE may have some cleaning up to do in terms of its share structure and current spread, but it is generating revenue while making good headway with its new projects, and has more than enough going on to pique our interest.

Not for nothing, but the company has also previously expressed interest in exploring opportunities in the cannabis sector as well. For all these reasons, we’re going to be watching SODE closely from here on out.
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