Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FNMA, CSIQ, STWG & More

Fannie Mae – FNMA & Freddie Mac – FMCC

Our alert on FNMA Friday yielded us the #1 ranking on the Penny Stock Rumble for the second time last week (1st time was for TCPS). The stock opened up at a low of 2.255, only to run as high as 3.15 for a nice 40% move.

We’ve been tracking FNMA and FMCC since May 15th and May 16th, and each has risen in PPS greatly since that time.

FNMA – Low (05/16):1.20 – Friday’s High: 3.51 – Gained: 193%

FMCC – Low (05/15): 1.11 – Friday’s High: 3.30 – Gained: 197%

Canadian Solar Inc. CSIQ

CSIQ is gapping up close to 25% this morning, hitting new 52-week highs. The stock came off of our Solar Sector watchlist, having last appeared on Friday, at which time is was trading as low as 8.10. We are going to be continuing to monitor its progress today as we begin this short trading week.

Plug Power, Inc. PLUG

We’ve been talking about PLUG for most of this year (For the first time on Feb 15th), seeing some big gains in that time. We most recently were looking at PLUG on Wednesday as it reached new highs of .3847. Since then, we’ve observed a pullback, as the stock came down to find support at the .25-level.

This morning, we have seen a high of .42 pre-market, with the last trade executed at .39, up around 16% We want to keep watch over this play, as well as the Energy Sector as a whole, as they continue to heat up.

From last week’s low of .25, this morning’s .42-high marks a possible gain of up to 68% From February’s low of .1155, that figure climbs as high as 264%

S2C Global Systems, Inc. STWG

STWG has appeared in our reports as far back as December, and before last week, as recently as April 19th. . We re-mentioned it once again on Thursday after the company came out with its first PR in years. It broke its previous resistance (.0075) and continued its uptrend, STWG hit a new high of a penny on Friday, and ended up closing at .0095. From its low of .0011 reached in March, the penny high represents a move of 810%

We’d like to see the previous resistance at .0075 hold as a future level of support.

Options Trading:
We are also looking at AAPL $445 and $450 Calls today, provided we hold support off of last week’s resistance at 448.35.

Extended Watchlist: