MDGS News Brief, Options Ideas & More

Medigus, Ltd. MDGS – Fresh News Alert:

Our coverage of MDGS continues this morning with the company’s entry into yet another trendy market space. The news dropped this morning that through the investment of $400K in Safee, which runs a social media network on which users can create and trade NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

We’ve been covering MDGS for quite some time now, and via strategic investments such as these, it has its hands in a wide range of promising interests.

Tel Aviv, Israel, Oct. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Medigus Ltd. (Nasdaq: MDGS), a technology company engaged in advanced medical solutions, innovative internet technologies and electric vehicle and charging solutions, announced today that it will invest in Safee, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology company. Safee’s social network allows creators and collectors to easily create, own, engage, control and trade digital goods. Safee’s mission is to expand the reach of NFTs to mass market buyers and creators, digital artists, illustrators, photographers, musicians, regular consumer digital content creators and more. Medigus will invest $400,000 in Safee and will hold approximately 2.5% share in the company. (>>Read Full PR)

Fastenal Co. FAST – Options Recap: 

Our lone fresh options idea in yesterday morning’s premarket report was a play on FAST following its earnings drop. We signaled interest in the FAST Weekly $50-52.50 Calls, and the stock broke out well past that range, facilitating some very nice intraday opportunities for us.

FAST Weekly $50-52.50 Calls
 2.65-4.10 (+55%)
$52: .55-2.15 (+291%)

ESS Tech, Inc. GWH – Recap:

Also in in yesterday morning’s premarket report, we tagged GWH for observation and we were pleased to see the kind of activity it produced on the day as well. It was the stock’s first day of trading on the NYSE, and its first mark left an impression!

From a low of 15.26, GWH ran as high as 28.92, for an intraday run amounting to 90% With that type of day one volatility, we’re very interested to continue observing this play as it finds its footing.

Fresh Options Ideas:
INFY Weekly $22 Calls
JPM Weekly $165-167.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

SPY, AAPL Updates & More

SPY, AAPL Updates

Yesterday morning, we updated readers on Monday’s fresh options ideas in the SPY and AAPL chains. We specifically warned readers to look out for further gains in our targeted plays, and unsurprisingly, we met with added increases on both sets.

In each case, the new highs we tacked on brought all of Monday’s calls into the multibag realm, while our added target from yesterday’s report, the AAPL 10/09 $110 Calls began their own ascent.

SPY Weekly $324-325 Calls
: 3.17-7.10 (+124%)
$325: 2.71-6.13 (+126%)

AAPL 10/09 $105-106 & $110 Calls 
$105: 4.25-9.90 (+133%)
$106: 4.00-9.17 (+129%)

$110: 4.44-5.95 (+34%)

Fresh Ideas:
NKE Weekly $127-129 Calls
CTAS 10/16 $330-340 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Weekly Wrap-Up & More

StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. SFOR

Our first order of business today is to update readers on the strong recent performance of SFOR; the stock has made a really nice move from its PPS following our most recent mention on 09/27 at .0083.

Yesterday it reached .0175, marking a 111% swing in just over two weeks’ time. We’ve been tracking SFOR closely since this spring, when we observed the stock trading as low as .0006. From that price point to yesterday’s new high represents an exponential increase of over 2800%

AngioSoma, Inc. SOAN

Yesterday was SOAN’s first ever appearance in our newsletters, and for a maiden mention, it ended up doing pretty well for us, with a solid intraday push.

The stock traded in a daily range from a low of .38 up to .50; a 32% run which occurred on volume which exceeded the monthly average by more than three times. It also closed at its high of day, a bullish occurrence which qualifies the stock for continued monitoring as a potential momentum play  as we prepare to close out another trading week.

Ruby Tuesday, Inc. RT – Update

Last Friday we signaled RT for both a potential bottom play and extended-term options call, and thus far it has panned out to a great idea in both respects. We called the bottom perfectly, seeing it trade as low as 2.08 that day, and inching its way up all week. Yesterday the stock reached a new high of 2.8599, marking a 37% move up.

That push allowed our options idea, the RT 11/18 $2.50 Calls, to make a fantastic move from a low of .05 up to .30. That works out to an even 500% rip, so congratulations to anyone who caught our timely alert and used it to their great advantage!

Fresh Options Idea: We want to draw attention to JP Morgan on the heels of their premarket earnings beat this morning, and assign an options trading idea to correspond accordingly. We’ll focus on the JPM Weekly $68-69.50 Calls for potential daytrades, but remember, trading weekly options on a Friday is a high-risk proposition that should only ever be attempted by expert traders.

Additionally, please note that if the stock breaks the 69.50 barrier, we may need to roll up our strike price to the $70 Calls.

Extended Watchlist: