On a Major Roll with Options Targets

Big Time Options Success: 

We went full bore on fresh options ideas for Friday morning’s premarket report, offering up what we felt were a set of good targets for five separate sets of contracts. One was a longer-term call in CVNA for March, which we’ll swing back around to in a later report, and the rest were quick strike plays, all of which produced huge intraday gain opportunities for ourselves and our readers.

Our areas of interest were the AMC Weekly $21-20 Puts, the WFC Weekly $55-56 Calls, the JPM Weekly $165-162.50 Puts, and the SPY 01/14 $462.50-461 Puts. The gains available on the day all ended up well into multibag territory. Here are the exact ranges and total possible profits that were available:

AMC Weekly $21-20 Puts
$21: .44-1.37 (+211%)
$20: .10-.53 (+430%)

WFC Weekly $55-56 Calls
$55: 1.53-3.75 (+145%)
$56: .76-2.80 (+268%)

JPM Weekly $165-162.50 Puts
$165: 3.45-8.15 (+136%)
$162.50: .99-5.60 (+465%)

SPY 01/14 $462.50-461 Puts
$462.50: .72-2.88 (+300%)
$462: .60-2.52 (+320%)
$461: .44-1.80 (+309%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SI Weekly $125-120 Puts
GS Weekly $372.50-365 Puts
ASAN 02/18 $65-70 Calls
OPK 02/11 $4.50-5.00 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Huge Day for Fresh Options Plays

Thursday’s Options Clean Sweep: 

Our 2022 has started off with a bang just a couple of weeks into it, in which the vast majority of the options plays we’ve signaled interest in have produced excellent results.

Yesterday was no exception to that, with all three of our designated targets yielding the opportunity to log multibag intraday gains. We were after the KBH Weekly $44-46 Calls, the TSM Weekly $136-139 Calls, and the DAL Weekly $40-42 Calls, and despite a rather poor day for the markets as a whole each one of these bullish ideas made a bullish move on the day.

Here are the daily ranges and total possible single session profits that were there for the taking: 

KBH Weekly $44-46 Calls
2.10-6.00 (+186%)
$45: 1.55-5.00 (+223%)
$46: 1.00-4.00 (+300%)

TSM Weekly $136-139 Calls
$136: 3.80-9.05 (+138%)
$137: 3.75-8.10 (+116%)
$138: 3.52-7.20 (+105%)
$139: 2.52-6.40 (+154%)

DAL Weekly $40-42 Calls
$40: 1.25-2.70 (+116%)
$41: .73-1.85 (+153%)
$42: .38-1.18 (+211%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

We’ve also got a wide range of both short and long term options ideas to the short and long sides to track this morning. Some are earnings related, and others merely have technical setups we find interesting.

CVNA 03/04 $190-200 Calls
AMC Weekly $21-20 Puts
WFC Weekly $55-56 Calls
JPM Weekly $165-162.50 Puts
SPY 01/14 $462.50-461 Puts

Extended Watchlist:

WFC Update, Fresh Idea

TPT Global Tech, Inc. TPTW

We have been hot on the trail of TPTW since the morning of June 30th, at which time the stock was trading at a low of .0235 per share. We continued to mention the stock last week on a couple of occassions, as it climbed its way up the chart.

To finish off the week on Friday, TPTW made yet another run to solidify a new high of .0725. That marks a two-week increase on this play amounting to 209% This was just the next stock in a growing line of OTC picks that have fared well for us in recent months.

Wells Fargo & Co. WFC – Options Update

It was this past Tuesday when we formulated an extended term options trading idea for the Wells Fargo chain, signaling interest in tracking the WFC 08/21 $25-27.50 Calls.

So far, we have seen some nice preliminary gains off of that idea, and based on the current setup of the WFC chart, we like the chances of seeing even more progress in that regard over the coming weeks. Here are the total possible gains that could have been achieved on the heels of our July 7th alert::

08/21 $25-27.50 Calls
$25: 1.22-2.15 (+76%)
$27.50: .59-1.15 (+95%)

Fresh Idea:
SPY Weekly $319-320 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: