IDOI, CMG & Today’s Extended Watchlist

IDO Security, Inc. IDOI &

We continue our coverage of IDOI this morning, after the stock made some impressive moves last week. Being as low as .40 on Thursday, we saw Friday’s close come in at .62, just one tick down from the high of day at .63. Total possible gain, 56%

Considering the post-market PR that came across the wires on Friday, we are observing for continued momentum. Untraded-upon news can often have a big effect, and we want to be sure to maximize our profits here.

We have provided yet another of our video presentations of the chart for your viewing convenience:

In an age when tragedies such as that which occurred this past weekend in Colorado seem to happen with increasing frequency, security is a concern at the top many people’s lists. A company like IDOI is poised to serve growing demand for added security measures in all public venues.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. CMG

CMG stock fell 20% (Down 86.00/share) as a result of their recent earnings report, thus we are looking bounce activity on CMG options.

The $350 07/27 Calls closed at .40 on Friday. The $350 08/18 Calls closed at 2.54. Provided the stock can recover some of its lost ground, and get back above its 200DMA (373.33), those options are going to work out very well. Therefore, we will be watching closely for the stock’s recovery.


Extended Watchlist:


TLON (FDA PDUFA 08/12/2012)

HZNP (FDA PDUFA 07/27/2012)

IDOI, BRGO, ENTB & Today’s Extended Watchlist

IDO Security, Inc. IDOI &

Bergio International, Inc. BRGO

IDOI and BRGO are two nice winners from yesterday that could continue their gains today.

BRGO opened at .0065 yesterday, dipping as low as .005, and hitting a high of .0124 before closing out the day at a penny. BRGO could have easily netted gains in the 50-100% range, yesterday alone. Once again earning us the champion spot over at Penny Stock Rumble.

IDOI was another monster gainer yesterday trading as low as .40, and closing at the high of day (.54) for gains of 35% A break of .56 on the chart could result in a blue sky breakout, with resistance at .63 and .71.

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Entest BioMedical Inc. ENTB

On July 2nd ENTB appeared in our watchlist. Following that alert, the stock ran from .008-.0115 (44%). On Wednesday, ranged from .006 to .009, and yesterday from .006 to .0085, yielding an opportunity to make 40-50% in gains on both days.

We believe that this stock, now holding support at .006 looks like it may be ready to come off of its bottom. We will need to keep an eye on ENTB in the coming sessions, as indicators would seem to be favorable.


Extended Watchlist:


LLTP, RAYS, FBCD, JVA – Today’s Hot Stocks

Lightlake Therapeutics LLTP

We are hearing a lot of exciting chatter on LLTP, a biopharma stock that is new to our newsletter today.

There is an interesting story behind this company; they have chemically developed a way to combat addictive disorders such as chronic drug/alcohol abuse, obesity due to binge eating, and just about any other malady that is driven by addiction. The company claims that their compound works upon the chemical connections in the brain that cause habitual destructive behavior.

Dr. David Sinclair, Chief Science Officer for Lightlake Therapeutics said: “Most human behavior is driven by a system of reinforcement controlled by powerful brain chemicals. We have learned how to regulate these chemicals using an active compound that is extremely safe and effective, so that bad habits are progressively extinguished, and good ones promoted.”

Raystream Inc. RAYS

RAYS did fairly well in its first week of trading following our first call Monday afternoon. On Tuesday it went from a low of 1.36, to yesterday, touching 1.70, for a 25% gain.

The company put news out yesterday announcing a connection with their very first client, that will serve as a testing-ground of sorts for their video data compression services.

DALLAS, Oct 13, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Raystream Inc. (OTC BB: RAYS.OB), an emerging global provider of HD online video services, today announced it has signed its first customer contract with edgefactory OMNIMEDIA for a variable use license of the Raystream Compression Service. The one-year license agreement represents the genesis of Raystream’s technology-forward service matched with edgefactory’s cutting-edge business production services.

“We are pleased to announce our first customer contract, negotiated through Raystream’s Orlando office by BDM Didier Nicholas,” said Michael Seay, Raystream’s Vice President of Sales and Strategic Implementation. “A global corporate and convention video production provider, edgefactory OMNIMEDIA serves as our first strategic partnership that will test new revenue opportunities in live broadcast streaming compression.”

Raystream is launching its proprietary online video compression technology with edgefactory as its inaugural client.

FBC Holding, Inc. FBCD

We have been covering FBCD for some time. We re-alerted the stock recently at a penny, and it subsequently ran 71%, hitting a high of .0171.

On Wednesday, the stock found support just over a 50% retrace at .013, and we are looking to hold this support, and retest this week’s high of .0171.

This stock is a prime candidate for flippers, as it likes to dip and surge with great regularity.

It’s been awhile since the last company update, so we are anticipating forthcoming news at any time.

Coffee Holding Co., Inc. JVA

JVA has proven to be another short-term success for us, rising steadily over the past week. We also believe that it has a significant long-term upside. We saw another bounce yesterday, to the tune of 9%

We were fortunate enough to come across this play at a nice bottom, so far, in a little over a week we have already seen 56% in gains.

As far as what we have observed about the trading patterns: The stock likes to gap up, then consolidate, offering a dip before finishing strong to close near the high of day.