HLNT, XCLL, EEDG, EBIG & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Highline Technical Innovations. Inc. HLNT

HLNT had a good session on Friday, experiencing a bounce just as we predicted. The stock appears to have found support in the .005 range.

The low-of-day on Friday was .0054, before the stock ran to .0071, for a possible intraday gain of 31%


XcelMobility Inc. XCLL

It seems we were able to time the bottom on XCLL as well, as the stock reached its 52-wk low on Thursday before upturning, and beginning to bounce on Friday after appearing on our Extended Watchlist.

We are viewing this play as more of a medium-to-long term involvement, as we seem to have showed up just in time for the stock’s recovery.

As you can see below, we’ve highlighted both the resistance points (in blue), and support (green), as well as an RSI coming off of being oversold, getting ready to test the 50MA. The PPO is showing signs of looking up, with a hint of convergence, and the Slow STO appears ready to cross and also come off of being oversold. All in all, the chart setup seems favorable.


Energy Edge Technologies Corporation EEDG &

EastBridge Investment Group Corp. EBIG

Both EEDG and EBIG posted gains of around 10% on Friday, both trading between the .10 and .12 range.

We are happy to announce that these two rounded out our group of winners for Friday, being the third and fourth green plays out of five morning selections. Where else are you going to find that kind of consistency?


Extended Watchlist: