IDOI, BRGO, ENTB & Today’s Extended Watchlist

IDO Security, Inc. IDOI &

Bergio International, Inc. BRGO

IDOI and BRGO are two nice winners from yesterday that could continue their gains today.

BRGO opened at .0065 yesterday, dipping as low as .005, and hitting a high of .0124 before closing out the day at a penny. BRGO could have easily netted gains in the 50-100% range, yesterday alone. Once again earning us the champion spot over at Penny Stock Rumble.

IDOI was another monster gainer yesterday trading as low as .40, and closing at the high of day (.54) for gains of 35% A break of .56 on the chart could result in a blue sky breakout, with resistance at .63 and .71.

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Entest BioMedical Inc. ENTB

On July 2nd ENTB appeared in our watchlist. Following that alert, the stock ran from .008-.0115 (44%). On Wednesday, ranged from .006 to .009, and yesterday from .006 to .0085, yielding an opportunity to make 40-50% in gains on both days.

We believe that this stock, now holding support at .006 looks like it may be ready to come off of its bottom. We will need to keep an eye on ENTB in the coming sessions, as indicators would seem to be favorable.


Extended Watchlist: