EMWW, IDOI, DOMK & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Structural Enhancement Technologies Corp. EMWW

EMWW first appeared on our watchlists on April 30th at which time the stock was trading around .0059. Next we saw a low of .004. Yesterday EMWW hit .0125, a 213% gain from its low following our alert, and a 112% gain from the alert itself.


IDO Security, Inc. IDOI

Following our first alert of IDOI on Feb 16th, the stock was able to make a run from .37-.56 for a 51% gain. In the beginning of April, the stock found support at .34.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen that IDOI has been maintaining higher lows, and thus we have once again begun to monitor the stock more intently. We should like to see it gear up to take another run at its recent high at .56. That would mark 33% gains from the current level. Past the .56 mark, we would be entering blue-sky territory, and the gains from there are anyone’s guess!

DoMark International, Inc. DOMK

DOMK appeared in both our pre-market and midday reports yesterday, and the stock hit a new high of day at 4.88 going into the close after a day filled with swings and dips. .

The savviest traders could have been in and out several times for gains totaling almost 90%


Extended Watchllist: