VGTL, IRBL, EFFI & Today’s Extended Watchlist

VGTel, Inc. VGTL

VGTL was a nice addition to our watchlist yesterday, the stock was trading in a tight range between .60-.67 on over 11X it 3mo. average volume, with intraday gains of 8-12%. The stock is receiving a“Buy” Rating at BARCHART, and has made 50% in combined gains over the past two sessions. It will be interesting to see how this stock continues to perform over the next week.

Inrob Tech, Ltd IRBL

IRBL opened at .0069 on Thursday, before hitting a high of .0094, for an intraday gain of 36%. The stock then pulled back to find support at .0037, and close out the day .0039.

Yesterday’s consolidation was not surprising, after all, the stock has made huge moves in the past month, running from as low as .0003 to yesterday’s high, and registering more than 3000% in gains.

EffTec International, Inc. EFFI

EFFI has established a solid base in the .13 range, and has held that for the past seven trading sessions.

This stock is going to be kept on watch as long as the chart continues to shape up nicely, with a golden cross in the making as the 50dma approaches the 200dma. We’re camped out here, monitoring the activity moving forward.

Today’s Extended Watchlist: