OSLH, TTDZ, PSID, PLUG & Extended Watchlist

OSL Holdings Corp. OSLH

After putting OSLH on watch Monday morning, we saw the stock run hard, jumping 113% from .089 to .19.

Yesterday brought another chance for traders to score sizable intraday gains. The stock traded in a range from .135-.25, which represents a move of 85%

Currently there’s support sitting at .115 and .135, with resistance at .199 and .25. If it can break past .20 again, we think there’s a good chance of seeing OSLH retest the .25-level.

Positive ID Corp. PSID

We brought PSID back to our reports on February 18th on the heels of a major consolidation, and ended up being very pleased with the timing. We saw a low of .0572, and then, just seven sessions later, a subsequent price of .125. That was good for a 119% rip.

The stock then underwent a general consolidation while fortunately holding above the 200DMA, and after touching a low of .08 yesterday, we were able to witness another run, this time to .1095, tacking on an additional 37% to the total gains we’ve seen off of this stock in just a few weeks.

Triton Distribution, Inc. TTDZ

To refresh your memory on TTDZ, we caught this play at .0012 on January 30th, and would actually see it increase 1000% to .0132 over a period of just over three weeks!

After the consolidation that followed, TTDZ came down to bounce off of support at .0061 at the beginning of this week, and has made a nice turnaround, reaching back up to .0094 shortly before the closing bell yesterday.

Plug Power, Inc. PLUG

After pulling back off of its most recent run-up, PLUG reversed its position and began to climb once again on Wednesday.

We’re on the lookout for the effects of an earnings release out today which reflects “strong fourth quarter product sales and maintenance orders were received from significant customers such as Walmart, Kroger, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.”

We also wanted to let folks know that they can tune into PLUG’s conference call today at 10:00am Eastern to review fourth quarter results. You can listen in by calling 877.407.8291.

The webcast can also be accessed at www.plugpower.com, selecting the conference call link on the home page, or directly at http://www.media-server.com/m/p/ge6327sd.

Extended Watchlist:

Happy Holidays From Blue Horseshoe

We’d like to wish everyone a happy holiday, first and foremost, however you celebrate the season. We’ve been on a hot streak recently, so we urge everyone to stay with us through the last week of 2012 as we begin the new year on a good foot.


MediSwipe, Inc. MWIP

MWIP recently provided us with a huge opportunity; following our first mention of the stock back in October, we witnessed a run from a low of .0024 all the way up .0199, as pointed out on the chart below. At its peak, a run that could have yielded gains of almost 730%.

It is currently holding above a penny, and we’d like to see it continue to do so into 2013.


Extended Watchlist: