STWG, TCPS, EEDG & Extended Watchlist

S2C Global Systems, Inc. STWG
As it continues to hold its pattern of higher highs and higher lows, we have observed a steady uptrend from STWG. We are hoping to see that trend sustain itself on the heels of a significant amount of information released by the company yesterday. After much anticipation on our part, we were happy to see STWG go current, releasing back-reports which cover fiscal 2011, 2012, as well as a Quarterly from this year, and a fourth report containing supplemental information.

As we’ve stated previously that once the company went current, that we believe operational updates will begin to arrive with greater frequency, so we’ll be on the lookout for news from STWG in the coming weeks.

TechnoConcepts, Inc. TCPS
Even after providing us with monstrous gain opportunities in the expansive range from our first ever alert at .0025 to its highs in the .06’s, the stock continues to provide ample bounceplay chances for the sharp and savvy trader.

Following a dip to .0267 yesterday, the stock managed to surge into the close at a very respectable price of .044, marking a shot at an intraday gain of up to 65%

Moving forward, we are looking for TCPS to hold support in the upper-.02 to lower-.03 range.

Energy Edge Technologies Corp. EEDG
We thought we’d also take a second to mention another success. EEDG made a nice move yesterday after appearing on Monday’s Extended Watchlist. Anyone who caught the subsequent low of .0119, and was able to get out at yesterday’s high of .0195 , would’ve been looking at profits on the order of 64%

Extended Watchlist: