AZFL, MWIP & Extended Watchlist

Amazonas Florestal Ltd. AZFL

AZFL first appeared as a main focus in our reports on November 28th. On that day, the stock was as low as .047 when we noticed it starting to recover off of its bottom, and has since been maintaining higher lows, and building support in the .05-.06 range. At one point last week, we saw a high of .09, which looks to be our key area of resistance. A break above that level, and the stock could easily return to recent highs of .11-.12.

In the event that it does return to that .09-.12 range, we would be looking at additional gains of 22-63% from yesterday’s close of .0735.

This has been a long-term play for us from the very beginning, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. With the magnitude of today’s PR, it seems things are only just beginning to heat up.

We have also taken the liberty of preparing a video presentation of the AZFL chart :

Today’s News:

Amazonas Florestal, Ltd. sustainable forest management company, expands partnership with Trackwork Ltd, the UK’s largest contractor for railway supply.

MIAMI, Dec 18, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Amazonas Florestal, Ltd. (OTCPK: AZFL) (“Amazonas” or “Company”), a diversified forest management company generating profit through innovative, sustainable forest management, received a purchase order for $2,640,000 from Trackwork Limited (“Trackwork”) for 4000m(3) of sleepers and bearers (railroad ties).

Having passed an on-site quality control inspection and filled previous orders for Trackwork, Amazonas receives this purchase order as the next step in a growing relationship with Trackwork, its longest-standing and largest client. This larger order provides Amazonas with leverage to harvest current forest management projects, which will, in turn, provide additional supply of species for production at low cost.


MediSwipe, Inc. MWIP

Yesterday was our third consecutive day of monster volume and huge gains out of MWIP. After reaching a high of .019, the stock retraced a bit and closed out the day maintaining over 50% of its gains at .015. The stock has closed green for five days running; we will be looking for bounce opportunities once the inevitable dip comes to pass. With the amount of momentum in this play, we may not see that pullback until later in the week as things begin to slow down in anticipation of the forthcoming holidays.

Any way you slice it, we are thrilled with the performance of this stock since we brought it into focus for the first time in Mid-October, having afforded us the opportunity to pocket up to 692% in cumulative gains during that time. In the past, these big gainers have generally been good for bounce-plays as the dust from a major run settles, which is why we will be monitoring this one continuously, as we go forward.


Extended Watchlist: