Finishing Out the Trading Week with a Bang

Options Blowout Continues:

In yesterday morning ‘s premarket report, two of our three sets of fresh options ideas were bearish in nature, and despite the markets going on a tear for the session, it was those puts that fared the best.

We’re talking about the CI Weekly $225 Puts, and the ROKU Weekly $395-390 Puts, both of which recorded multi-bag intraday runs on the day. Those figures were as follows: 

CI Weekly $225 Puts
$45: 9.50-24.50 (+158%)

ROKU Weekly $395-390 Puts
$395: 4.31-10.02 (+132%)
$392.50: 3.73-8.12 (+118%)
$390: 2.92-7.30 (+150%)

Moderna, Inc. MRNA – Update:

We also wanted to swing back around to provide an update on the MRNA Calls that we initially began tracking on June 21st, the MRNA 08/20 $195-210 Calls. The stock itself has exploded over that time period, from a low of 200.00 the day of our first alert, to yesterday’s new high of 443.99, a move of 122%  That move has facilitated these amazing gains in our designated options plays:

MRNA 08/20 $195-210 Calls
$195: 23.50-222.50 (+847%)
$200: 18.00-241.10 (+1239%)
$210: 13.55-214.50 (+1483%)

eXp World Holdings Inc. EXPI – Update:

We’ve also been following another set of longer term calls, the EXPI 08/20 $40-45 Call, which continue to pile on the new highs for us.

EXPI 08/20 $40-45 Calls
$40: 1.55-10.00 (+545%)
$45: 1.30-5.70 (+338%)

These gains were made possible in part by the buzz caused by the company’s blockbuster earnings report and first-ever cash dividends. We will look to roll up our strike area to include the $50 Calls as well, with EXPI appearing ready to continue its impressive upward trajectory.

Fresh Options Ideas:
DKNG Weekly $53.50-55.50 Calls*
CVNA Weekly $355-370 Calls*

*Beginning-to-intermediate level traders should not attempt to trade options on their day of expiration 

Extended Watchlist: