Another Flawless Day for Options

Thursday’s Options Recap:

We try extremely hard to bring quality content to our free newsletters each and every trading day, and while some are better than others in terms of our accuracy, it’s always nice to be able to report another perfect run!

We offered up two quick-hit options trading ideas in yesterday morning’s premarket report, the SIG Weekly $64-66 Calls, and the RH Weekly $657.50-665 Calls, and we saw some very nice intraday moves and profit potential as a result. Here are the daily figures on those targets:

SIG Weekly $64-66 Calls 
3.73-6.30 (+69%)
$64.50: 2.84-5.72 (+101%)
$65: 2.72-8.91 (+228%)
$65.50: 1.99-4.50 (+126%)
$66: 1.40-3.81 (+172%)

RH Weekly $657.50-665 Calls
$657.50: 39.60-56.20 (+42%)
$660: 27.50-52.18 (+90%)
$662.50: 26.82-49.80 (+86%)
$665: 24.20-45.40 (+88%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
SPY 06/11 $422.50-424 Calls*
PLAY Weekly $45-46.50 Calls* 

*Please be advised that trading ‘weekly’ options contracts on a Friday carries an elevated risk, and should only be attempted by seasoned traders!

Extended Watchlist:

Options Runners & More

More Earnings Hits: 

Our impressive run of options success continued with the fresh ideas we included in yesterday’s premarket report. We were feeling bearish about Campbell’s and United Foods following their quarterly earnings reports, and our instincts proved to be well founded.

Our targets were the CPB Weekly $48-46 Puts, and the UNFI 06/18 $40-35 Puts, and in both cases, we witnessed some very nice intraday moves in our targeted ranges.

CPB Weekly $48-46 Puts
1.11-2.14 (+93%)
$47.50: .70-1.86 (+166%)
$47: .35-1.35 (+286%)
$46.50: .25-.87 (+248%)
$46: .12-.46 (+283%)

UNFI 06/18 $40-35 Puts

$40: 5.90-7.99 (+35%)
$35: 1.03-3.44 (+234%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
SIG Weekly $64-66 Calls
RH Weekly $657.50-665 Calls

Majic Wheels Corp. MJWL – Update:  

We have been tracking MJWL for some time now, with our initial tag coming in on the morning of May 13th. Subsequent to that report just a shade under a month ago, the stock changed hands for as little as .0094.

Toward the end of May and into this month MJWL has been streaking to new highs, yesterday reaching its best mark yet at .0791. That’s a total increase of 741% in just a short time. Even those who had only caught our tag of MJWL this Monday morning, still had a shot at some nice gains. Monday’s low came in at .0453, which as of yesterday’s new high marked a three-day upswing of  75%

Extended Watchlist:

PBIO Report, Options Ideas

Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (OTCMKTS:PBIO)

Pressure BioSciences is a company we’ve had on our watchlist for quite some time, with our first mention of the stock coming in the summer of 2019. We’re taking a renewed look at it now for a number of reasons, not least of which being the long term pattern of the chart.

If you glance at the three-year snapshot below (via OTCMARKETS.COM), a clear pattern can be easily spotted. The stock has an undeniable recorded history of consolidating in the winter months,only to spring back with vigor in the early portions of each New Year.

On its own, that interesting technical tendency would be enough to catch our attention, but Pressure BioSciences also seems to be planning for a big year of developments in 2021 as mentioned in the company’s Q3 Business Update released just a couple of weeks ago. According to the company, it expects the upcoming release of its Ultra Shear Technology™ in mid-2021 to drive notable growth and progress toward becoming profitable.

That only scratches the surface of PBIO’s products, projects and partnerships, which were expounded upon in the aforementioned Quarterly Update (>>View Now on OTCMARKETS.COM) Stay tuned for any further updates which we’ll be sure to pass along as expediently as possible!

We also suggest our readers take a moment to view a real-time look at the short term PBIO chart . The stock is coming off of support at the 50DMA of 1,60, and it breached the 200DMA yesterday, closing just below it. If PBIO can break the 200DMA at 2.08 and hold above, our next key resistance points come at 2.50, 3.00, and 4.00-4.50. 

View PBIO Video Chart

For All Investor Inquiries on PBIO,Contact:
Gary Zwetchkenbaum, Plum Tree Consulting LLC
Phone: (516) 455-7662

SPDR S&P500 (ETF) SPY – Options Review

We also wanted to quickly highlight the SPY 12/02 $365-366 Calls which we signaled for a last minute idea in yesterday morning’s premarket report. We saw some pretty good intraday gains out of those targets.

SPY 12/02 $365-366 Calls
$365: .59-2.19 (+271%)
$366: .28-1.32 (+371%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPLK Weekly $170-160 Puts
CRWD Weekly $155-162.50 Calls
SIG Weekly $30.50-32 Calls