DASH Calls Bear Fruit, Fresh Ideas

More Options Updates:

We’re on our normal routine today, highlighting the winners we’ve come across with our many options ideas. For yesterday’s morning’s premarket report, we hashed out three sets of fresh plays for tracking, and two of them turned in very nice performances.

We were after the ACCD Weekly $20 Calls and the KBH 02/18 $40-42 Calls, and they both produced positive intraday movement for us, with the ACCD calls posting the top performance and registering a big multibag run on the day.

Additionally, we flagged the DASH 01/21 $160-165 Calls as a longer-term idea on New Year’s Eve, and those have started to put up big moves as well. Below you’ll find the total range and possible gains so far.

ACCD Weekly $20 Calls
 1.90-5.00 (+163%)

KBH 02/18 $40-42 Calls
$40: 2.05-2.93 (+43%)
$41: 1.45-2.25 (+55%)
$42: 1.05-1.65 (+57%)

DASH 01/21 $160-165 Calls 
$160: .07-.52 (+643%)
$162.50: .05-.31 (+520%)
$165: .04-.29  (+625%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 01/12 $470-472 Calls*
INFY 01/21 $25-26 Calls
NFLX 02/04 $560-570 Calls
AMBA Weekly $157.50-162.50 Calls

*Please exercise great caution when trading options on their day of expiration. It should only be attempted by experienced traders. 

Extended Watchlist:

ICPA, RSRS, & Today’s Extended Watchlist

IC Places, Inc. ICPA

ICPA landed us at the top of Penny Stock Rumble’s winners list yesterday. It seems like there is never more than a few weeks in between our appearances on said list. With picks that come as early as and as fresh as we bring them to you, we’re bound to strike it big every so often!

The stock closed up 108% on Wednesday, right at its high of day (.0104) on abnormally high volume. .0104 marks 1200% gained from our first alert at .0008, and 316% from last week’s re-mentioning at .0025.

We also released this VIDEO CHART on Monday, after which time the stock touched .0041, before rising all the way to yesterday’s close (156%). We are on the lookout for additional gains, even being up this much. The level of volumne flowing through the stock is an extremely positive sign.


Regency Resources Inc. RSRS

RSRS has been getting a lot of paid newsletter attention lately. While we have not accepted payment for our coverage, we were, of course, on this one before any of them, because that’s just the way we do things around here.

The stock traded record volume yesterday, with nearly $4M changing hands; more than Monday and Tuesday’s action combined. This leads us to believe that the action may only just be beginning. RSRS challenged it’s previous high of 1.35, bumping into 1.32, before a string close at 1.22.

Yesterday’s News:
LOS ANGELES, CA, Apr 18, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Regency Resources, Inc. (OTCBB: RSRS) (“Regency” or the “Company”), a development stage media based company aiming to offer an in-depth portfolio of content for Internet TV distribution, is very pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Bruce Venezia to the position of Vice President, Content Acquisition.

Mr. Venezia’s career spans 30 years in the sourcing, negotiating and licensing of independent programming for the home entertainment market.


Extended Watchlist:

Afternoon Update

Regency Resources Inc. RSRS

Yesterday, we showed up early to the party on RSRS, and today, following our pre-market mention,  we saw a gap-up to 1.22. We then saw a subsequent dip to 1.09 to fill the gap,and the stock is again challenging new highs. Currently trading above 1.20, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it continue to push the envelope into the close.

In all, from our original alert price, gains of 30% were made possible already.

WebSafety, Inc. WBSI

WBSI hit a high of .087 today, marking max gains of 625% from our original flag at .012.

With the kind of momentum and exposure this play has seen of late, it is difficult to ascertain when this money train could jump the tracks.


IC Places, Inc. ICPA

We alerted this stock in January as it hit its absolute bottom at .0008, and once again on April 10th at .0025.

The stock hit .0092 this afternoon. The total gains made on ICPA range from 268%-1050%.


Digital Utilities Ventures, Inc. DUTV

DUTV opened at .0012 today, saw a low of .0007, and hit a high of .0022.

Extremely savvy traders were able to flip this stock for a single-day gain of up to 214% Nothing at which to sneeze!