TAO Minerals, Ltd. | TAON & Extended Watchlist

TAO Minerals Ltd. TAON

TAON maintained higher highs and higher lows on Friday, trading record volume. The stock hit a high of .0134, giving us the chance at a 49% gain, having jumped in after our bottom bounce alert early last week

Judging by Friday’s activity, and a close near the high of day at .0128, we are lead to believe that the momentum could carry into this week.

We witnessed a key break of the 20DMA at .0123, and we’ll need to see this level hold as a key area of support. The next crop of resistance shows itself at .0194 (50DMA).

On the chart-side, we can see that the Accum./Dist. has been on a sharp increase since late-November. The RSI has held support above the 50DMA, and seems to be setting up to punch through the 50-line. The blue bars on the histogram are flipping up to the bullish side, as the PPO is surpassing the 50DMA. We have a Slow STO that has recently crossed and is now trending up as well. All in all, there appears to be a ripe little chart in the making for TAON.


Dollar General Corp. DG

Dollar General has earnings coming in tomorrow morning. For those like us that like to take part in options trading, we will be looking at the $47 December Calls on DG, and thought we’d pass that along today.


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