AZFL, GGSM, REVO, GALE & Extended Watchlist

Amazonas Florestal Ltd AZFL

When we first brought you AZFL on Nov.28th, the stock was trading as low as .047. Yesterday, it hit a high of .08 for a respectable 70% gain in a span of just eight days.

As we said in our previous report, AZFL is going to be a point of long-term focus for us, and we really like how it’s gone so far.


Gold and GemStone Mining Inc. GGSM

As you can see on the chart we’ve included below, GGSM has been an absolute superstar stock for us this week, providing us with no less than three opportunities for profit over the past two days.First it went from .11-.13, gaining 23%, followed by a small 8% jump from .12-.13. It then pulled back to .105, before shooting back to .14, adding another possible 33%. In total, savvy traders could have banked up to 60% in gains.


Revolutionary Concepts Inc. REVO

REVO appeared for the first time on our extended watchlist at midday on Wednesday. From a low of .0016, the stock showed us returns of 119% to yesterday’s high of .0035. We are going to want to keep this one on our radars through to next week.


Galena Biopharma, Inc. GALE

We’ve been following this play since August in our extended watchlists. Last week, on the 29th, we focused on GALE. Being as low as 1.65 at the time, we enjoyed gains on the order of 32% when the stock hit 2.43 earlier this week.

We want to continue to keep an eye on this one as well, with as much success as GALE has brought us over just a short period of time.


Extended Watchlist: