Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Reviewing EMBR, GROC & Much More

Great Rock Development Co. GROC

As we were mentioning in yesterday morning’s premarket report, we tagged GROC last Wednesday at a low of .0055, and saw the PPS run as high as .0124 on Friday (+125%).

To kick off this week, GROC would perform well once again, and be just one of several timely alerts in our morning report. The stock briefly traded at .0095 early on in the session, and it would go on to register a daily high of .0148, which represented an intraday rip of 56%, and a four-session swing of 169% over our observed low last Wednesday.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation, as GROC closed on twice its 3-month average volume and with strength, maintaining the majority of its daily advances at .0139.

Plug Power, Inc. PLUG

We noticed PLUG gaining some momentum off of a recent bottom, noting multiple consecutive sessions of higher highs and higher lows. We mentioned that we’d be on the lookout for that trend to continue into this week, and that is the way it has unfolded.

The other things we said we’d be watching for were the filling of a small gap on the chart around 2.00, and a testing of the 50DMA of 2.13, and we witnessed the occurrence of both. PLUG managed a nice, steady move from the $2-mark up to 2.33 for a solid 16.5% increase, so again, we’ll keep our eyes open for it to keep recording higher highs and lows.

Embarr Downs, Inc. EMBR

EMBR was another stock from yesterday’s report, the activity of which would provide the opportunity for multiple successful swing trades.

From an early low of .0014 it broke out to the high-of-day at .0024 for an initial 71% jump, and that was followed by a dip to .0018 and a run back to .0024 (+33%). Just prior to the close, one more chance would present itself with a pullback to .0017 and return to its closing price of .0022, adding the chance at an extra gain of 29%

Greenway Design Group, Inc. GDGI

GDGI is a super-subpenny that we tagged yesterday after noticing some activity off of its low of .0002, and that activity not only continued, but increased. Roughly between 10:30AM-12:30PM, shares could have been snapped up at that .0002-level, and the stock ended up running into the close at .0004 for a smooth, 100% gain!

Great Basin Scientific, Inc. GBSN

We also want to raise an activity alert on GBSN, a stock we entered into the log three weeks ago as a bottom-watch play. It continued to peel back, setting new 52-week lows along the way, and we included a reminder for folks not to let it slip off a couple of Fridays ago.

After a patient three-week wait, GBSN has finally showed us what we had anticipated; yesterday the stock broke out from .0523 to touch a high of .0785, a nice, round, 50% run! We’ll be watching intently now, to ensure that GBSN will continue to establish a higher base of support and undergo a more sustained recovery.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: KRFT Recap & More

Kraft Foods Group, Inc.  (KRFT)
In yesterday’s morning report we took note of the huge merger news concerning Kraft and Heinz, and stated our interest in using the resultant activity to our advantage. The dip-and-rip happened just as we predicted, and shortly after 10AM, it was off to the races for every single idea we put forth!

We mentioned our specific interest in KRFT April $75-85 Calls for intraday options trading possibilities, and were extremely pleased with the results.

The $75 Calls traded up from a low of 7.15 to hit a high of 12.30, an intraday gain of 72%  $80 Calls went on a monstrous run from 1.86-8.62, which equaled a 363% move, and the $85 Calls were the hottest ticket of all, running from a low of .30 all the way up to 4.72; a mega-rip of 1473%

It marked our second single-session, thousand-percent gainer in as many weeks, since we hit it big with ESPR Calls last Tuesday. We want to extend a hand of congratulations to anyone who was able to take advantage!

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR

Last year around this time, we were making a killing off of PBR. We had caught it coming off of 10-year lows, and it enjoyed an epic rally lasting a period of many months where we were able to pick off large gains on countless occasions. A quick tag search of our archives on the stock will demonstrate just how often it brought us chances to make winning trades.

The last several months have been rocky for the state-controlled oil giant, as oil prices had been in free-fall while company officials were simultaneously wrapped up in a scandal, and it led to the lowest prices for PBR since 2003.

There appears to have been a rebound on the 13th of this month, so we thought now might be a good time to put PBR on our radar once again. Oil prices have been rebounding as well, so we’ll venture a couple of options ideas to keep an eye on moving forward.

We’re going to put a spotlight on PBR 05/01 $6 & 6.50 Calls which could provide significant opportunities if PBR can sustain this recovery off of its recently established lows.

Vascular Biogenics, Inc. VBLT

VBLT appeared in our reports for the first time yesterday, and it turned out to be a well-timed call. The stock traded in a daily range from 6.25-7.86, representing 26% intraday gain. Several of our chatroom members profited off of it, and we certainly hope some of our readers did as well!

Going ahead, we will use 6.25 as a baseline of support; in order for us to stay interested in VBLT we will want to see the PPS maintained above that level.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: BIOC, EYES & More

Biocept, Inc. BIOC

We watched as BIOC set new highs for the second day in a row yesterday. After gapping up in the premarket, the stock came down slightly to bounce off of support at 2.62 before running as high as 3.60 later in the afternoon. That 37% intraday move came on over 31x the 3-month average volume, and the high represented an overall rise of 110% over our observed low of 1.71 on Monday.

Calculated from the premarket high so far this morning (4.20), that figure is extended to a 145% increase overall since Monday.

Second Sight Medical Products, Inc.  EYES

EYES performed nicely for us after appearing in yesterday’s extended watchlist. It saw its low of 9.55 shortly after 10AM, and built steadily throughout the session, reaching its daily high at 11.64. That was good for tidy gains of up to 21% on the day on extreme heavy volume, and like the previously mentioned play, the stock is gapping up in premarket trading today.

It’s possible that we’ll see similar action as the session kicks off this morning with yesterday’s momentum driving the gap-up, followed by another potential dip-and-rip scenario.

Other Notables From Yesterday’s Report

Chegg, Inc. CHGG was another mention from yesterday’s watchlist that ended up faring well with an early low of 7.44 followed by a steady uptrend throughout the day. The run topped out at 8.71 just prior to the close, marking a respectable 17% increase.

Matching that intraday gain with a 17% move of its own was Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. CYTX, trading in a range from .70-.82. on 10x the 3-month average volume.

Extended Watchlist:
WGBS, SSH, SFXE, SMSI, AVXL, BNFT, LOGL(Big Aquisition News)