Multiple Fresh Options Plays

Options Review

Our primary focus in yesterday’s report was on a few sets of bearish options ideas, and with the markets indeed tacking on losses, we were able to witness some pretty solid intraday gain opportunities. We were looking at the chains the SPY, AAPL, and NKE, and in each case, our interests exhibited big moves.

Here’s a rundown of the single session gain possibilities we observed in those various targets:

SPY Weekly $335-333 Puts
: 1.70-4.62 (+172%)
$341: 1.37-4.00 (+192%)
$342: 1.14-3.44 (+202%)

AAPL Weekly $111.25-108.75 Puts
$340: 1.09-2.85 (+161%)
$341: .70-2.10 (+200%)
$342: .45-1.47 (+3372%)

NKE Weekly $118-117 Puts
$118: 3.90-5.09 (+31%)
$117: 3.28-4.70 (+43%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 

BYND Weekly $150-149 Puts
BA Weekly $167.50 & 10/02 $175 Calls
MSFT Weekly $202.50-205 & 10/02 $210-215 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

SPY, DSGT Recaps

DSG Global Inc. DSGT – Recap 

The first thing we want to do this morning is to swing back to the picks we made on Monday and update readers on the performances that they recorded. One of those was DSGT, an OTC play that posted a very respectable multibag move.

On Monday following its inclusion in our daily report, the stock saw a low of .0725 before exploding to hit a high of .275. That worked out to an increase of 279% so cheers are in order for anyone who happened to catch that alert.

SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) – Recap 

We also targeted a pair of SPY Calls that were due for expiration Monday afternoon, the SPY 08/24 $341-342 Calls and we found multibag movers in those ideas as well.

The $341 Calls ran from .43-1.98 (+360%), while the $342’s really ripped, rushing from a low of  .06 all the way up an even 1.00 for a gain of 1567% becoming the latest one of several thousand-plus percent gainers that we’ve scored this year!

Fresh Options Ideas:
CRM Weekly $235-245 Calls
PLAN 09/18 $57.50-65 Calls
DKS Weekly $51-52 Calls

Extended Watchlist: