Blue Horseshoe Stocks: New Options Plays & More

Turtle Beach Corp. HEAR

This morning to kick things off, we are going to take a look at HEAR, which has gained a bit of momentum over the past couple of sessions after bouncing off a bottom earlier this week. ‘

Technically speaking, the chart has everything we typically look for- a bullish cross of the MACD recently came to pass and we are now seeing clear upward divergence there, and the RSI just cracked the 50-line, indicating that it too is going bullish.

Couple those factors with the convincing surge off of the stock recent relative lows, and we are set up for a possible continuation of momentum, for which we want to be ready with an options idea. We’ll be tracking the HEAR Weekly 10/18 $12.50-15 Calls.


More Options Ideas

SPDR S&P500 ETF (SPY) Weekly $283-284 Calls
Stitch Fix, Inc. SFIX Weekly $31-30 Puts

Galectin Therapeutics, Inc. GALT – Form-4 Alert

We also want to make mention of GALT, which has been trading sideways near its 6-month lows recently. During this period, we’ve noticed a nearly $20M buy from a GALT insider at these lows.

When this happens we usually like to place a stock on bottom-bounce watch, as it generally tends to suggest that the company director has reason to believe that the stock has reached as low as it’s going to go for the time being.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Closing Out Big Week

Arcadia Biosciences, Inc.  RKDA

We tagged RKDA for the first time since May in our extended watchlist yesterday morning, and we were met with a fantastic intraday rip. The stock traded up from a low of 6.93 and managed an intraday high of 10.40 before tapering back into the close. Daytraders could have made a pass at gains of up to 50%

That represents 8-month highs for the stock, a feat which was made possible by the company’s entry into the cannabis space. RKDA will hire a number of agricultural scientists/geneticists to develop ideal strains of hemp. It’s a story we’ll definitely want to follow.

Fresh Options Ideas

We’d like to close out this trading week by once again selecting a group of fresh options ideas to watch today.

Puma Biotech, Inc. PBYI Weekly $33.50-36 Calls*
Foot Locker, Inc. FL Weekly $65-68 Calls*
SPLK Weekly $141-144 Calls*
FNKO 03/15 $22-25 Calls

*Please do not attempt to trade weekly options on a Friday if you are not a seasoned vet trader with disposable funds.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Trading Ideas

Intuitive Surgical, Inc. ISRG

When we first tagged ISRG back on May 6th, the stock was just making its way down to its 3-year low, which came a couple of sessions later at 346.46. From that point, we saw a powerful uptrend that carried the stock back up to 426.43 (Jun 27th). It allowed us to play the options chain quite effectively over the course of several weeks.

Following that major run, we’ve seen some consolidation, coming back to the $380-level just recently, and currently, the stock is pressing new highs in premarket trading, to the tune of $444.

We did mention a long-term interest in the Aug.-Oct. $420-440 Calls back in June, and that insight is now paying off bigtime.

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. PBR -Options

When we looked in on PBR on Monday, we were patting ourselves on the back for some excellent picks of last week’s $16.50 and $17 Weekly Calls, mentioning that we’d stick with the same ideas to begin this week.

It has turned out to be another great call on our part; just look at the action in those weekly calls during yesterday’s session:

The 16.50’s ran from .25 to 1.07, a possible intraweek gain of up to 328% while the $17 Calls surged from .13 up to .75, a 477% move. This was just one of many, many times that we’ve used the PBR options chain to our extreme advantage this year.

New Options-Trading Ideas

As our regulars have undoubtedly noticed, a good portion of our focus these days goes to options trading. We’ve become quite adept at spotting trends and using them to our benefit, and we’ve got a couple of new potential plays to add to the mix this morning.

Alcoa, Inc. AA

Alcoa has been building one beast of a chart over the past few months, and there looks to be no end in sight. We may be able to use this strong uptrend to leverage ourselves some nice gains out of AA Options. Specifically, the 08/16 $17 Calls, which closed at .44 yesterday after having traded in a range from .25-.48 on the day.

Yum! Brands, Inc. YUM

YUM got beat up recently, falling off a cliff at the $83-area, and yesterday was the first session since that the stock has found some support, down around $74. Our options idea here is to potentially utilize the rebound for some quick-strike gains. We’ll be monitoring the 08/08 $75 Calls, which closed at .82 yesterday.

Extended Watchlist: