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GBX, ARWR, LEVI Options Reviews :  

To kick things off this morning, we will of course be going over successful options calls from last week that ended things on Friday with new highs. We like when our pattern of behavior is predictable, because that means we’ve been doing things correctly.

Our daily targets usually yield interesting performances over a short span and the following plays were no different. On Friday our tag of the GBX 07/16 $40 Calls and Tuesday morning’s tag on the ARWR 07/16 $65 Calls

GBX 07/16 $40 Calls
1.40-3.80 (+171%)

ARWR 07/16 $65 Calls
$65: 1.28-3.30 (+158%)

LEVI 07/16 $29-30 Calls
.15-.55 (+267%)
$30: .05-.20 (+300%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPCE Weekly $50-53 Calls
SWBI Weekly $25-30 Calls

Hot Stock Runners: 

In addition to options targets, we’ve also had some stock-only plays that we’ve been tracking. Here are a couple of runners, including links to the reports from when we alerted on them, and the total possible gains that were subsequently available.

Dark Pulse, Inc. DPLS

1st Alerted: June 14th
Range: .0371-.1765
Gained: +376%

Cyberlux Corp. CYBL
1st Alerted: May 26th
Range: .0011-.011
Gained: +900%

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Fresh Options Three-Pack!

Galectin Therapeutics, Inc. GALT

About a week ago, we signaled GALT for observation, a stock we’ve had quite a bit of experience tracking in the past. It had been in a bearish downslide for the better part of two months, and had just begun to rebound.

We wanted to come back around for an update on the move GALT has made since that time. After seeing a low of 4.06, the stock has traversed its way back to a high of 6.53. That marks a respectable upswing of 61% and puts us on alert for the possibility of more moves.

SPDRA S&P 500 ETF (SPY) – Options Idea

Our fresh options idea for yesterday morning was the SPY Weekly $290-291.50 Calls to watch into the end of the week. With a solid midday performance for the SPY, some significant intraday gains were made in our designated targets.

$290 Calls – Range: .98-1.54 – Max Gain: 57%
$290.50 Calls – Range: .67-1.13 – Max Gain: 69%
$291  Calls – Range: .43-.79 – Max Gain: 84%
$291.50 Calls – Range: .25-.50 – Max Gain: 100%


 Fresh Ideas:
LULU Weekly $149-152.50 Calls
BIG 09/21 $42.50-45 Calls
DLTR 09/21 $82.50-85 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

ACGX | Alliance Creative Group, Inc | This Morning’s Focus

Alliance Creative Group, Inc. ACGX

We first began coverage of ACGX back on November 1st, and on that same day, we saw a low of .01, before the stock surged to .0179 prior to a .0145 close.

Since that time it has been bouncing around between a penny and .0175, as it seems flippers are having a grand old time buying near a penny, and flipping out for quick gains of up to 50-75% and as a result the stock is trading in a fairly tight channel. The 100DMA of .0178 is the key resistance at the top of said channel, while the 20DMA of .0119 seems to be the support level.

Once these flippers are churned out, and the resistance is broken, we think ACGX has a good chance of breaking out and perhaps seeing even a triple-digit gain.

The positive news released this morning is very encouraging, alluding to easier times ahead with regard to the interest owed on the company’s debt. The change in banks will allow for more financial freedom for ACGX, which in turn could translate to added value on the stock.


Alliance Creative Group (ACGX) Agreed to Amendment and Extension with Largest Debt Holder

Company Also Changes Banking Relationship to Increase Credit Line while Reducing Interest Rate

CHICAGO, Nov. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Alliance Creative Group, Inc., ( (Stock Symbol: is pleased to announce that it has come to terms with its largest debt holder, Golden State Equity Investors, Inc. The parties have amended the terms of the convertible debenture and warrant agreement to settle on all old interest payments, reduce the future interest rate and extend the agreement for 5 years to 2017.

As of October 30, 2012 the Balance on the Prior Advance was $243,123 and the balance on the debenture was $141,812. The old interest rate on the debenture was 7.75%, the new rate will be 3.75%. Upon the exercise of its conversion rights under the debenture Golden State can convert to common shares at a rate of 80% of the past 3 day trading average price. Additionally, as long as the company is not in default of this agreement by June 30, 2013 the judgment against the former CEO, Paul Sorkin, will be deemed to be satisfied in full.

The Company has also changed banks from Centrust, a small local bank, to RBS Citizens, a very large international bank. The change was to help consolidate liabilities while reducing the interest rate significantly and increasing its lending limits.


Extended Watchlist: