Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ASTI Recap, Options Reminder & More

Trevena, Inc. TRVN

Of all of the plays that we were monitoring via our extended watchlist in yesterday’s premarket report, the most potent intraday performance came from TRVN. The stock had made a nice move in the previous session, had pulled back, and looked primed for another nice move based on the premarket activity we observed.

As the overall markets saw a trend reversal, TRVN made a solid, steady, run from a daily low of 9.21 up to 11.47; that registered as a 25% increase on more than 12X the 3-month average volume.

The stock is increasing further in the premarket today (traded as high as 11.83 thus far), so we might want to look out for the possibility of a slight dip followed by a continuation of yesterday’s momentum.

Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. ASTI

ASTI is a stock we’re very familiar with, as a quick tag search of our archives reveals, we’ve taken advantage of this stock multiple times over the years. A couple of weeks ago, we tagged the stock as a bottom-watch play after noticing it was being beaten back to new 52-week lows.

We stated that ASTI was a prime candidate for a bounceplay, and an extreme item of interest “because when a rebound does occur, it could be very significant.” and we couldn’t have been more spot-on in that assumption.

It’s ultimate low of .10 came just three sessions hence, and the impressive multi-day recovery pushed ASTI as high as .3597 yesterday. That represents an overall swing of 260%

Options Reminder:

Last Thursday just as the markets were becoming highly distressed, we formulated set of longer-term options plays to watch once a market rebound began to occur.

Yesterday, another reversal came to pass, so we just wanted to issue a brief reminder of the potential targets we listed, and are still tracking heavily: 09/18-10/02 Calls in the FB, GPRO, GMCR, AAPL, NFLX, and TSLA chains.

Extended Watchlist:
AXPW & VRA (Nice Moves Yesterday, Still on Watch),