Keeping the Options Train Rolling

Options Updates:

We’re still following along with the AAPL Weekly $125-127.50 Calls we initially signaled on Monday morning, as well as the updated strikes we provided for that chain in yesterday morning’s report, which were the $136.25-137.50 Calls.

Additionally, the single target we formulated for the VRA chain on the heels of the company’s quarterly earnings drop, the  VRA 09/18 $7.50 Calls also produced multibag gains.

Here are the updated highs for our AAPL Calls from Monday, as well as the total single session ranges and possible gains on our fresh ideas from yesterday. 

AAPL Weekly $125-127.50 Calls
$125: 5.05-13.15 (+160%)
$126.25: 4.00-12.62 (+216%)
$127.50: 3.87-10.52 (+172%)

AAPL $136.25-137.50 Calls.
$136.25: .20-1.55 (+675%)
$137.50: .18-1.24 (+589%)

VRA 09/18 $7.50 Calls 
$455: .20-.70 (+250%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
FIVE Weekly $121-122 Calls  
CPRT 09/18 $110 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Options Ideas on TJX, FLEX

SPDR S&P 500 (ETF) SPY – Review

As any of our regular readers can attest, we routinely use the SPY as a market analogue to trade current trends. It has been one of the top sources of big gain quick-strike trade opportunities for us over the past several years.

Yesterday morning, the fresh, and quickly expiring idea we put out was the SPY 06/15 $300-298 Puts. Our two big chances came within the seventy minutes of trading, with a couple of distinct and volatile swings in this one-session play. Each contract set made the following moves before the markets headed north for the remainder of the day:

SPY 06/15 $300-298 Puts
2.91-4.34 (+49%) | 1.46-2.31 (+58%)
$299: 2.41-3.73 (+55%) 1.15-1.87 (+63%)
$298: 1.97-3.12 (+58%) | .87-1.56 (+79%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
TJX Weekly $54-55.50 Calls
FLEX Weekly $10-10.50 Calls
FLEX 07/24 $11-12.50 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Wrapping Up A Solid Week

Zhuding International Ltd. ZHUD

Earlier this week, on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, we drew attention to ZHUD via our extended watchlists. The stock started off at a low of .0615 on Tuesday, hitting a high of .09, and the run-up continued through ensuing two sessions.

Yesterday, ZHUD managed a new high of .1145, and that works out to an increase of 86% It marks yet another OTC play that’s produced solid gain opportunities for us recently.

Adobe, Inc. ADBE – Reminder

We wanted to point out that the idea we formulated yesterday morning in the Adobe chain is still very much alive. While the stock didn’t make headway yesterday, we are observing a gap-up this morning in the premarket, and those calls should open up with some very nice profit chances for anyone who snapped them up yesterday.

The targets were the ADBE $397.50-402.50 Calls, so we’ll be watching those as well as adding the $405′s to the equation to track into the close today as we wrap up another trading week.

Fresh Ideas:
BITA 06/19 $15-17.50 Calls
PLAY Weekly $15.50-16.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist: