TBIO Options Update & More

Translate Bio, Inc. TBIO – Update: 

We were just mentioning our successful MRNA calls from Monday morning in yesterday’s report. In that same report to kick off this week, we also formulated an extended-term options idea on TBIO. After some solid sessions have gone on the books this week, we’re swinging back around to check into our total possible gains.

We targeted the TBIO 08/20 $17.50-20 Calls, and on the strength of the stock running from 18.02-22.49 (+25%) over the span of the past three sessions, we have seen some pretty solid runs.

Here are the trading ranges and total possible gains that were made available by these TBIO Calls:  

TBIO 08/20 $17.50-20 Calls
$65: 2.88-5.20 (+81%)
$70: 1.65-4.00 (+142%)

Meanwhile, with plenty of time remaining until expiration and plenty of upside potential on the TBIO chart, we’ll continue to track these targets in the days and weeks ahead.

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BIG Options Explode & More

Options Success Continues

We routinely identify fresh options trading ideas for ourselves and our readers, and the past couple of sessions have been no different than what we’ve come to expect. 

Big Lots, Inc. BIG – Yesterday we reported on the success of the BIG 12/20 $22.50-27.50 Calls which we included in Friday’s premarket report and those set explosive new highs yesterday. Here are the total two-day upswings achieved by those plays:

BIG 12/20 $22.50-27.50 Calls
$22.50 Calls – Range: .96-4.57 – Max Gain: 376%
$25 Calls – Range: .20-2.46 – Max Gain: 1130%
$27.50 Calls – Range: .06-.88 – Max Gain: 1367%

Canopy Growth Corp. CGC – We also placed the CGC Weekly $19-19.50 Calls on watch yesterday morning as a fresh idea to start the trading off with, and we’re pleased to relay the multi-bag intraday performances out of that pair of contracts. The $19 Calls ran from .42-2.54 for a daily gain of  % and the $19.50’s posted a range from .35-2.11, making total gains of up to % possible on the day.

The timing on our ideas came perfectly in sync with the company’s news that it would be hiring Constellation Brands (STZ) CFO as its new CEO (>>Read More)

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Conn’s Inc. CONN 12/20 $17-15 Puts

Extended Watchlist: