TBIO Options Update & More

Translate Bio, Inc. TBIO – Update: 

We were just mentioning our successful MRNA calls from Monday morning in yesterday’s report. In that same report to kick off this week, we also formulated an extended-term options idea on TBIO. After some solid sessions have gone on the books this week, we’re swinging back around to check into our total possible gains.

We targeted the TBIO 08/20 $17.50-20 Calls, and on the strength of the stock running from 18.02-22.49 (+25%) over the span of the past three sessions, we have seen some pretty solid runs.

Here are the trading ranges and total possible gains that were made available by these TBIO Calls:  

TBIO 08/20 $17.50-20 Calls
$65: 2.88-5.20 (+81%)
$70: 1.65-4.00 (+142%)

Meanwhile, with plenty of time remaining until expiration and plenty of upside potential on the TBIO chart, we’ll continue to track these targets in the days and weeks ahead.

Fresh Options Ideas:
CCIV Weekly $25-26 Calls
DRI 07/16 $140-145 Calls
ACN Weekly $292.50-297.50 Calls
EXPI 07/16 $40 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Big Gainers, New Ideas

Donaldson Company Inc. DCI

With the earnings calendar still looking a bit light following the Thanksgiving lull, we are seeing one potential opportunity showing some synergy with the current market environment.

DCI missed on earnings published this morning, while also having been exhibiting a strong double top formation (bearish signal). Along with what looks to be a strong chance of another lackluster day for the markets at large, we are going to begin tracking the DCI 12/20 $50-45 Puts. 

Kodiak Sciences, Inc. KOD 

We also wanted to review the epic single session performance of KOD, which we included in yesterday’s premarket extended watchlist.

The stock responded with a huge run from 35.00 to a high of 72.97. That works out to an intraday surge of 108% which is simply incredible for a stock in this price range.

Organogenesis Holdings Inc. ORGO

Lastly, we’ve got a number of factors drawing our interest to ORGO. From a technical standpoint, the stock is looking ripe for rebound off of its bottom and potential topside gap fill.

Meanwhile, an institutional insider filed a Form-4 for the purchase of $30M near the current lows. When considering the entire picture, ORGO is definitely one that we will want to observe closely in the days, and possibly weeks ahead.

Extended Watchlist: