ICPA, EMWW, ALGF, SMAA & Today’s Extended Watchlist

ICPA is one of those stocks that has done quite well, from the beginning of this year,all the way up to just recently.

The company has had some major announcements, including a partnership with TV’s Shark Tank winner, EzVip.com

As we were watching the activity late in the day on Friday, we noticed a stream of steady volume, and a nice PPS increase as it closed with authority at its high-of-day.

We’ve done a few video charts on this play in the past, and have been very accurate without our observations to this point. We’ve prepared yet another for you for this morning, to outline some of its bullish points.


Structural Enhancement Technologies Corp. EMWW

EMWW has performed well for us in the past, and is looking as if it could be approaching an ideal bounce spot.

First appearing in our newsletter on 04/30/12, the stock subsequently traded as low as .004, and just two sessions later, hit a high of .0125, for a possible gain of 213%. The stock then fell to support at .0052, before running back on up to .0125 (140%).

Over the past few sessions, the stock is trading as low as .0046. We feel that any type of surge in volume could be the catalyst for this play’s next leg-up. We are keeping it on our radar in anticipation of that next bounce.



Algae Farm (USA), Inc. ALGF

ALGF has been our latest sub-penny play, coming from .0008 at the time of our first alert. We saw a high of .007 this past Thursday, giving our members the opportunity to see a whopping 775% in potential profits.

As we’ve stated previously, this is one of those low float plays that has some exteme profit potential, as we’ve already seen as plain as day.



SMA Alliance, Inc. SMAA

SMAA appeared on our newsletter for the first time on Friday. As is the case with most of our other alerts, our timing was very good.

The stock opened at .162, saw a low of .157, just to hit a high of .24, and closing out the day .222, with a total intraday max gain of 53%.

After what we’ve seen already, with the stock having broken its previous high, it will be interesting to see where it goes this week, being officially in Blue-Sky territory.

Extended Watchlist:

VPER, GMXS, XDSL (Reader’s Pick)