GMXS | Gemini Explorations, Inc. & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Gemini Explorations, Inc. GMXS

For the past three months or so, we have been covering GMXS. We’ve seen the stock bouncing around from .04 all the way on up to the .08-.10 range on numerous occasions.

GMXS looks very attractive to us in the .04-.06 area, due to the previous trading patterns, which suggest the stock could easily push back into the .08-.10 range.

While this play has brought us substantial gains ranging from 50-100%, it may seem to lack the explosiveness that some of our other plays have exhibited, however these cumulative gains certainly do add up.

We’ve pointed out a few key aspects of the GMXS chart for your convenience.

BARCHART is currently giving GMXS a “Buy” Rating
The company has been making some progress on their properties, as outlined in recent PRs:

Gemini Explorations Inc. Expands Exploration Focus at La Tapada Gold Project

Gemini Explorations, Inc. Forms Colombian Subsidiary Minera Gemini SA

Extended Watchlist: