CNCT, MCET, & Extended Watchlist

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We just wanted to give ourselves a pat on the back for Friday’s mention of the SPY 151.00 Calls. After observing a pre-market gap-up, we saw a consolidation in the first few hours of trading, which provided an entry opportunity in the .20-range. In the afternoon, the markets surged, bringing in heavy buy-side volume during power hour, sending the SPY to new daily highs into the close. The 151.00 Calls then closed at their high of day at .82. Possible gains of 300-400% were ripe for the taking, so we couldn’t resist pointing out another job well done on our part.

We will continue to monitor the SPY this week. With the momentum experienced into Fridays close, we’re looking for another possible gap-up this morning followed by a pullback and possible bounce.


China Teletech Holding, Inc. CNCT

Speaking of good calls, CNCT was caught on our pre-market volume scanner on Wednesday, and included in our extended watchlist as a result. It opened at a penny, only to rocket as high as the .47-range, before pulling way back to close at .081. On Thursday it went from .097-.194. Then again on Friday it ran it went from .17-.29, closing at .284.

This stock turned out to be one of the top performers on the OTC Markets last week, and a shining example of why we always stress the importance of monitoring all of our interests, even those that just appear in the extended watchlist. The EW, as we call it around the office, has yielded so many big gainers in the past, we can’t even begin to count them all.


MultiCell Technologies, Inc. MCET

MCET is another Extended Watchlist star that we caught for the first time publicly on Friday, though we have silently had it on our radar for weeks. We were waiting for just the right time to mention it, and Friday’s timing could not have been any better. The stock opened at .0035, dipped to a low of .0034, and closed out the session at its high of day (.0056), a gain of 70% on the day.


Marijuana Stocks also continue to remain at the tops of of our watchlists. Particularly: MWIP, MJNA, HEMP, GRNH, PHOT, ERBB___

Extended Watchlist:
SNDY, ZNGA, JAG, NOK, PMCM (Big Promotion)