PDD Options Review, 4 Fresh Ideas

Pinduoduo Options Recap:

With the holiday season upon us, it’s going to begin to become more of a struggle in terms of our typical tactics of trading options on the heels of big name earnings reports. But rest assured, we’re still going to keep our noses to the grindstone just like we always do, looking for interesting technical setups, Form-4 alerts, big news, and more.

Yesterday’s quick strike target was the sole earnings reporter of the day to catch our fancy, Chinese online retail giant, Pinduoduo. We targeted the PDD Weekly $73-76 Calls and those contracts all posted notable intraday moves for us, and with the activity we’re seeing in the premarket, we will be expecting to have to return to these targets tomorrow to report further increases.

PDD Weekly $73-76 Calls
3.00-4.55 (+52%)
$74: 2.51-3.90 (+55%)
$75: 2.08-3.35 (+61%)
$76: 1.69-2.80 (+66%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
YY Weekly $28-29 Calls
BILI Weekly $13-14 Calls
AZEK 12/16 $17.50-15 Puts
HIBB 12/16 $65-60 Puts

Cosmos Holdings Inc. COSM – OTC Recap:

We also wanted to do another update on COSM, a stock which has been appearing in our extended watchlists regularly since October 26th. In this span of just over a month, we’ve seen an incredible run that just keeps going. From our initially observed low of .0675, the high we’ve seen in the premarket this morning at .8864 marks an astonishing 1213%

Extended Watchlist:

Ideas to Take Through the Holiday Break

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re ready to wrap up for the longer portion of this holiday-split week, but first we want to go over the excellent gains that came from the slate of options plays we included in yesterday morning’s premarket report. Thanks to a brilliant session for the markets in general, we saw some really good numbers across the board with all four of our selected targets of the day.

Those sets of ideas were the SPY 11/22 $395-396 Calls, the BURL Weekly $165-170 Calls, the BBY Weekly $75-77 Calls, and the ZM Weekly $76-74 Puts. Here is the breakdown of the type of moves that were recorded, and the total possible gains that traders had a chance to make:

SPY 11/22 $395-396 Calls
 1.30-5.12 (+294%)
$396: .83-4.08 (+391%)

BURL Weekly $165-170 Calls
 14.00-25.70 (+84%)
$167.50: 12.10-21.64 (+79%)
$170: 10.57-22.75 (+115%)

BBY Weekly $75-77 Calls
$75: 2.03-5.00 (+146%)
$76: 1.50-3.97 (+165%)
$77: 1.00-3.16 (+216%)

ZM Weekly $76-74 Puts 
$76: 2.12-4.45 (+110%)
$75: 1.61-4.00 (+148%)
$74: 1.39-3.05 (+119%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
ADSK Weekly $197.50-192.50 Puts
JWN Weekly $22-21 Puts
DE Weekly $420-430 Calls 

Cosmos Holdings Inc. COSM – OTC Recap:

We also have a brief update on COSM, a stock which has been appearing in our extended watchlists since October 26th. At that time we observed a low of .0675, and COSM has gone on to hit a high of .50 this week. That’s a big time move of 640%

Extended Watchlist:

Big Earnings Drops Continue, Fresh Plays

Tuesday’s Big Runners:

We had a pretty full earnings calendar yesterday morning, which is a trend that will persist throughout the remainder of the week. It resulted in our designating a group of four options ideas as primary trading interests of the day in our premarket report. Despite an extremely lackluster session for the markets at large, with a gap up to start the day followed by free-fall in the morning and a humdrum afternoon, all four of the target ranges we offered up as potential trading ideas produced considerable gains.

Those plays were the PFE Weekly $47.50-48.50 Calls, the LLY Weekly $355-347.50 Puts, the SONY Weekly $68-70 Calls, and the UBER Weekly $28-30 Calls. Here were the daily ranges and total possible gains they exhibited:

PFE Weekly $47.50-48.50 Calls
.60-1.01 (+68%)
$48: .77-1.26 (+63%)
$48.50: .17-.35 (+106%)

LLY Weekly $355-347.50 Puts
$355: 4.85-13.05 (+169%)
$352.50: 4.00-11.67 (+192%)
$350: 2.61-10.50 (+302%)
$347.50: 2.25-7.70 (+242%)

SONY Weekly $68-70 Calls
$68: 3.35-6.00 (+79%)
$69: 2.57-3.90 (+52%)
$70: 1.85-4.20 (+127%)

UBER Weekly $28-30 Calls
$28: 1.60-2.41 (+51%)
$28.50: 1.40-2.08 (+49%)
$29: 1.00-1.70 (+70%)
$29.50: .73-1.33 (+82%)
$30: .54-1.02 (+89%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
AMD Weekly $61-63 Calls
ABNB Weekly $107-104 Puts
NVO 11/18 $110-115 Calls
EL 11/18 $190-180 Puts
CVS Weekly $94-96 Calls

Wialan Technologies Inc. WLAN – OTC Update:

We had also provided an update on WLAN yesterday after initially signalling it for observation on  Friday morning, and the stock responded by tacking on a new high for us. That brings the range we’ve witnessed on WLAN so far up to .0036-.0077 which works out to a rise of 114%

Extended Watchlist: