SPY Yields Thousand Percent Gainers & More

SPY Calls Roll:

Up until yesterday morning, it had actually been quite some time since we had last formulated a daily trading idea for the SPY, which historically has been one of our most common targets. Despite an up-and-down session for the markets, we did observe some very nice gain opportunities in our targeted contracts.

We were looking at the SPY 09/13 $446-448 Calls due to a relative dry spell of earnings reporters that will persist for the next several weeks. It turned out to be a solid choice, with our designated range yielding three out of three multi-baggers, including two sets that ran well over a thousand percent!

Here are the total moves and possible profits provided by our selections on the day:

SPY 09/13 $446-448 Calls*
 .05-.99 (+1880%)
$447: .01-.16 (+1500%)
$448: .17-.44 (+159%)

We’ll stick with the same SPY targets but for tomorrow’s expiration, following better than expected Consumer Price Index (CPI) figures dropped this morning.

Fresh Options Ideas: 
SPY 09/15 $446-448 Calls
ORCL Weekly $87-85.50 Puts 

B 10/15 $35-45 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Looking for a Big Start to the Week

The Clorox Co. CLX – Recap

Our sole fresh options trading idea on Friday was in the CLX chain and came on the heels of the company’s earnings drop. Bleach definitely has a big role to play during the coronavirus pandemic based on a need to keep surfaces as disinfected as possible, making this a high synergy play.

The single-session gains our idea produced during Friday’s session are certainly indicative of that, with huge multi-bag rips across the board:

CLX Weekly $190-195 Calls
$190: .90-7.50 (+733%)
$192.50:  .63-5.69 (+801%)
$195: .41-3.33 (+712%)

SPDR S&P500 (ETF) SPY – Recap

We also have the final highs and total ranges on the group of SPY Puts that we signaled in Thursday morning’s premarket report. Those also turned out to be a great success, with two-day moves which also reached multi-bag status.

SPY 05/04 $291-288 Puts
$291: 2.49-9.50 (+282%)
$290:  2.14-8.60 (+305%)
$289: 1.84-7.75 (+321%)
$288: 1.54-7.00 (+355%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
BUD 09/18 $45-55 Calls
STZ 07/17 $170-180 Calls
CGC Weekly $16-16.50 Calls
TLRY Weekly $7-7.50 Calls
TSN Weekly $57-55 Puts 

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Bottom Play Alert, HEB & More

FBC Holdings, Inc. FBCD

We wanted send out an alert on FBCD this morning, if for no other reason than the fact that it’s been quite awhile since we found a bottom play trading near all-time lows in the super-subpenny range. We’ve definitely been known to do some bottom-fishing in our day, with some of our biggest wins coming from bargain shopping.

What we have in FBCD is a stock that has been beaten back to a record low of .0005 (reached yesterday) which catches our attention in a big way. We are going to stay vigilant as we monitor this play for a solid bottom, because a snapback to to the double-zero range is not only very possible, but also has the potential to happen quite rapidly.

With so little room to the downside, one might classify FBCD as a “lottery ticket” type of play. The action on super-subpennies have the potential to return exponential gains, which is why we’re going to give it a spot on our running watchlist.

A quick glance at the chart shows that each time an influx of volume has come into the stock, it makes a run to test its 50DMA. From present levels, a jump to the current 50DMA would mean a chance for gains of at least 66%

Hemishperx BioPharma, Inc. HEB

We were passively tracking HEB via our extended watchlist last month, and are going to keep giving it our attention as the new quarter kicks off today. The stock is gapping up to the tune of roughly 25% in the premarket.

We caught notice of HEB following the company’s announcement that it would collaborate with US Army Medical Research to develop treatments to attempt to overcome the emergence of drug resistance due to Ebola virus mutation.

With the current Ebola breakout making it a hot-button topic, and the company stating this week that it would be expanding its Ebola research, we’re going to still be keeping our ears to the ground on this one.

Spherix, Inc. SPEX

SPEX made an appearance in yesterday morning’s extended watchlist and had one heck of a solid session. The stock came out of the gate and ran from a low of .99 all the way up to 1.58, offering us the chance to bank up to 60% in profits as it traded more than 13.5X its 3-month average volume.

Disappointment over the delay of some upcoming litigation that Shperix has against VTech and Uniden (View PR) is the apparent cause of the stock’s gapping down in today’s premarket.

Extended Watchlist: