2 Straight Weeks of Wins, 4 Fresh Ideas

Friday’s Incredible Achievement:

It’s a happy start to Thanksgiving week for us on this Monday morning, as we look back to the tremendous achievement we accomplished on Friday. As we were mentioning in our premarket report, we had been hoping to call another perfect slate of earnings and complete our second consecutive week without missing on a single pick.

We are exceedingly pleased to report that all five of Friday’s plays helped us to reach that goal. The SPY 11/17 $451-452 Calls, the GLBE Weekly $30 Calls, the ROST Weekly $126-128 Calls, the BJ Weekly $65 Puts, and the AMAT Weekly $145-143 Puts sealed the deal for us and registered our second trading week in a row of nothing but winners! Here’s the breakdown of Friday’s activity on those contracts, all of which recorded multibag intraday upswings:

SPY 11/17 $451-452 Calls
 .16-.60 (+275%)
$452: .06-.15 (+150%)

GLBE Weekly $30 Calls
 .20-1.10 (+450%)

ROST Weekly $126-128 Calls
 1.55-5.10 (+229%)
$127: 1.20-4.25 (+254%)
$128: .70-3.32 (+370%)

BJ Weekly $65 Puts
$65: .15-1.00 (+567%)

AMAT Weekly $145-143 Puts
 .11-.51 (+363%)
$144: .06-.26 (+333%)
$143: .03-.13 (+333%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
LEGN 12/15 $70 Calls
AAPL Weekly $190 Calls
TSLA Weekly $235 Calls
COIN Weekly $100-101 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Big Options Winners & More

Options Reviews:

To begin this fresh trading week, we are going to recap some of the options trading ideas that we formulated in Friday morning’s premarket report. It was a solid finish for DIS, RIG, and ORCL, and a strong close to what was an exciting week.

Here are the major gains that we identified, as we’re strapping in for what promises to be another fruitful week of stock and options trading:

DIS Weekly $160-165 Calls
$160: 5.93-19.24 (+224%)
$162.50: 4.01-16.62 (+314%)
$165: 2.63-14.35 (+446%)

RIG Weekly $2.50 Calls
$2.50: .06-.18 (+200%)

ORCL Weekly $59.50-61 Calls
$59.50: .32-1.20 (+275%)
$60: .12-.69 (+475%)
$60.50: .05-.25 (+400%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
LEGN Weekly $25-30 Calls
WB Weekly $40-41 Calls 

Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (OTCMKTS:PBIO)

The last time we checked in with PBIO, we assured our readers that we would promptly pass along any news updates that came down the pipe, and we have a fresh PR waiting for us as we kick off a fresh week this morning.

It alludes to a webcast conference that will be taking place on Thursday, which is of prime importance to both existing and prospective shareholders, and other members of the investment community. Details below on how to register for participation:  

NEW YORK, Dec. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Life Sciences Investor Forum today announced the agenda for its quarterly event for public and private companies, investors and industry professionals from around the world. This day-long virtual event will showcase live company presentations and interactive discussions focused on the life sciences industry.

Individual investors, institutional investors, advisors and analysts are invited to attend. The program opens at 9:15 AM ET on Thursday, December 17th with the first live webcast at 9:30 AM ET.

REGISTER NOW AT : https://bit.ly/3oTRSRH

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Extended Watchlist: