ICPA, EVDR & Today’s Extended Watchlist

IC Places, Inc. ICPA

ICPA has been a traders paradise, having 11/13 of the past sessions in the green. Gains continue to stack up, as ICPA shows itself to be by far our biggest winner of the year.

In the past three trading days, the stock has traded nearly $3M in dollar volume. That kind of momentum produces a lot of excitement, making it impossible for us to lose interest in this play.


Evader, Inc. EVDR

We’re bringing you EVDR as a momentum play this morning. Back in February, the stock ran from .0001 to as high as .0038 (3800%). It consolidated to find support at .0005 following that run, and yesterday, closed up over 50% at .0026.

The volume seems to be building here, having traded over 100M shares on Tuesday. Let’s keep an eye on EVDR, as we wouldn’t want to miss out should another surge take place.

Our friends over at STT Radio did a stock spotlight on EVDR last night, check out the archived clip of the show for a good place to begin your DD on this company.

Extended Watchlist: