Blue Horseshoe Stocks: NEWC News Alert & More

New Columbia Resources, Inc NEWC

We’re circling back around to NEWC this morning on the heels of an untraded upon press release that just hit the wires. It pertains to the expansion of the cannabis side of the NEWC business, which will look to expand its hemp growing operations to zones that were previously out of the question prior to the recent ceasefire which has essentially ended 5 decades of internal hostilities in the South American nation.

BARRANQUILLA, COLOMBIA–(Marketwired – Jul 27, 2016) – New Colombia Resources, Inc. ( OTC PINK : NEWC ), a Colombian company listed in the U.S., is pleased to announce that Sannabis SAS, their Medical Marijuana joint venture, will work with CORPROPAZ to develop hemp fields in 5 different areas of Colombia for a pilot program to create new hemp industries in post conflict zones. (>> FULL PR)

We’ve also prepared a video highlighting the various aspects of the NEWC Chart, whiich we suggest you check out now!

Additionally, if you missed our initial in-depth report on NEWC, or the exclusive video interview we conducted with company president John Campo, we urge you to check those out as well.

NEWC Report

NEWC Executive Interview

More Updates:

Sophiris Bio, Inc. SPHS

We’ve been tracking SPHS all week so far, and have been met with a good opportunity for some quick profits. Subsequent to our mention in Monday’s report, we’d witness a low of 4.92 in the stock, followed by a 22% run to 5.98. Then yesterday, it held support at 5.88 as it came down slightly before jumping up to a new high of 8.55, which also happens to be the stock’s new 52-week high.

It marked an intraday run of 45% and a two-day upswing of 74% over our observed low from Monday.


Weyland Tech, Inc. WEYL

We tagged this play on Friday (Low of 2.10), and then again in yesterday’s newsletter, and the performance we’ve seen thus far has been respectable.

Yesterday WEYL traded up from a daily low of 2.17 to a high of 2.80, representing a daily run of 29%, and an overall increase of 33% from Friday’s low.

Exact Sciences Corp. EXAS

We also had EXAS in yesterday’s report, and the stock made a modest move of 20% from a low of 14.57-17.47. Not the magnitude of gains that we typically hope for, but considering the price range, a 20% intraday pop is nothing to sneeze at.

Texas Instruments, Inc. TXN – Options Update

We signaled a range of calls in the TXN options chain yesterday morning to correspond with the company’s earnings beat, and the chances it churned out were very nice. We highlighted the TXN Weekly $70-72 Calls and every set contained within provided a shot to make gains of 500% or more! It also yielded our third and fourth options ideas of the past week that have yielded gains of over 1000%

The potential single-session profits were as follows:

$70 Calls – Range: .10-1.96 – Max Gain: 1860%
$70.50 Calls – Range: .32-2.00 – Max Gain: 525%
$71 Calls – Range: .15-1.30 – Max Gain: 767%
$71.50 Calls – Range: .11-1.00 – Max Gain: 810%
$72 Calls – Range: .06-.70 – Max Gain: 1067%


Fresh Options Idea: AAPL Weekly $102-105 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: New Stock and Options Ideas

Yesterday’s Runners:

BioNovelus, Inc. ONOV -In April ONOV, back when the stock was trading in the subpenny range. (.006) We’ve been hot on its trail since then, and the PPS rise has been absolutely exponential. We included it in yesterday morning’s watchlist, and it responded with yet another solid intraday performance ( .51-.715, +40%), while setting an eye-popping new high that extended our observed range to ridiculous proportions. From the low we witnessed subsequent to our first mention of ONOV this spring, the stock has exploded to a dizzying 11,817%

A paltry $100 flyer taken on the company at its low, would have been worth upwards of $11,916 at yesterday’s peak pricing!

SkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc. SPU –  SPU has been on its eye opening run almost the entire time we’ve been tracking it since the Friday before last. We witnessed shares changing hands at 4.00 that day, and yesterday marked the sixth consecutive session that the stock achieved a new high.

This time the intraday run carried it 30% from 16.16, all the way up to 20.95. It represented a total increase of 424% that we’ve observed in just over a week, during which time we’ve tried to make certain all of our readers were aware of the situation. We’ve now mentioned the stock five times in that span.

Sophiris Bio, Inc. SPHS – The daily run we saw here was modest, but still notable. SPHS traded up from 4.92 to 5.98; an intraday upswing of 22%

Tianyin Pharmaceutical, Inc. TPIY

We took notice of TPIY yesterday when the stock broke through a key prior resistance point at .0295, along with a breach of the 50DMA (.02). We want to see those both hold as support on any pullbacks, with .04 being the next key resistance we would like to see broken.

Texas Instruments, Inc. TXN – Options Idea

In the wake of an untraded-upon post-market earnings beat for Texas Instruments yesterday, we’re going to be focusing in on a range of call contracts to potentially take advantage of any upward momentum the stock should encounter this week as a result. Our target range is going to include the TXN Weekly $70-72 Calls.

Extended Watchlist:
AVRN, ARPJ(Bottom-Watchers)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Update on ONOV & More

BioNovelus, Inc. ONOV

We were just mentioning yesterday morning, how ONOV, since our initial tag of the stock on the 26th of April had been undergoing a serious uptrend. We’d witnessed a staggering 1617% run from .006 in April, to a new high of .103 on Monday.

We acknowledged the fact that the RSI indicated that the stock was overbought, but also noted that the impending Golden Cross on the chart overruled that, and kept it on our watchlist for further tracking. All we said we needed to see from the stock was for it to maintain support at or above previous support at .04 on any pullbacks, and it was never an issue. The bounce point and low of day was .087 and from there the stock ran 57% intraday to a new high of .1367.

That extended our total observed move on ONOV this spring to a brain-busting 2178% and allowed the stock to continue the blue-sky breakout currently in effect.

Motorcar Parts of America, Inc. MPAA 

After noticing a surge of insider buying beginning last week on MPAA, and the fact that it was searching for a new 52-week low, we placed MPAA on extended-term recovery watch yesterday, and got an immediate response.
Our call of the bottom appears to have been absolutely perfect as MPAA rose from that annual low of 25.50 which also happened to be the low of day, and rebounded up to 30.97. That marked an intraday increase of 21% which is fairly impressive for a $25 stock. We’ll continue to monitor, and will be looking for it to begin to register higher base levels of support off of that newly established 52-week low.

Chatroom Reminder:

Speaking of great calls, our friend DJ from our live traders chat was up to his old tricks again yesterday, making an absolutely massive call. He noted that MYLI was extremely thin on the offer, and his vigilance provided huge potential rewards for the room.

The PPS was as low as .0025 following his mention at 9:46am, and peaked at .0145 late in the session for a chance at 480% in gains. This is why we constantly remind our readers that you are welcome to join our daily chats, as you never know when the next big gainer might get passed along!

To join in, just send a Skype contact request to username “stocksumo“.

Medina International Holdings, Inc. MIHI – We also want to radar this stock, which is a low-float news play that caught our eye this morning. (>>View PR)

Extended Watchlist: