Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Updates on BFLX & SKYF, Extended Watchlist

Yesterday’s two momentum plays both fared extremely well, collectively allowing us the chance to bank more than 200% in cumulative intraday gains. Read ahead for an update of those performances:

Bioflamex Corp. BFLX

BFLX opened at .0009, and dipped as low as .0007 before closing out the day at the high of .0013, marking an overall intraday move of  86%

As you can plainly see on the intraday chart below of BFLX’s trading activity, there were several swings on the day, which actually tallied cumulative gains of 153%

The stock closed up 44% on the day, and did so on over 425 million shares traded. That’s the kind of momentum that is strong enough to sustain multi-day runs, so we’ll be on the lookout for that. There will be a point where profit-taking will drive the price back down, where we can be ready to time a dip-and-rip, if that’s the scenario with which we are presented.

In order to keep our interest, BFLX will have to hold support in the .0007-.0009 range.


SKY440, Inc. SKYF

 SKYF started out the day yesterday at .0013 and briefly dipped as low as .0012 before going on a romp, reaching a high of .0024, which marked a chance for a 100% intraday gains.

The stock closed at .002, up 54% on the day with 569 million shares trading hands, another example of the extreme liquidity that we like to see. For us to remain interested in this play, we’ll need to see support hold off of yesterday’s lows of .0012.


Extended Watchlist:


Blue Horseshoe Stocks: BFLX, SKYF, OBJE & Extended Watchlist

Bioflamex Corp. BFLX

Over the weekend, we were conducting a search for some momentum plays to monitor this morning, and came across BLFX, a sub-penny stock which has just recently awakened from a relatively dormant period. These types of plays, while highly volatile, have definitely provided us with opportunities in the past.

After breaking a previous resistance level, the 200DMA (.0006), the stock held above that mark on Friday. A heavy influx of buying has come in over the past couple of trading days, and it closed out last week in full-on momo-mode.

Today, we’ll need to see BFLX maintain support above the 200DMA, and crack though the psychological barrier at .001 in order for us to remain interested in this play.

SKY440, Inc. SKYF

In the course of another of our routine weekend scans, we caught wind of another runner. SKYF has had significant momentum building up over the past couple of sessions, so this is going to be one that we want to keep on our watchlist as trading for the week commences.

As we point out on the chart below, all indicators are looking bullish and like the aforementioned play, SKYF is another one that we’ll need to see hold support above the .0006-level to hold our attention.

OBJ Enterprises, Inc. OBJE

We tagged OBJE as a bottom watch play on Friday, and like clockwork, the stock came down to find support at .04, and would subsequently bounce back to .0545, for a 36% positive intraday move.

Today, we’re looking for higher highs and higher lows out of OBJE to confirm a sustained uptrend.

Extended Watchlist: