Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Mid-Week Review

Direxion Daily Jr Gld Mnrs Bear 3X ETF (JDST)

Yesterday marked the third consecutive day that we had been tracking the JDST ETF, and the third consecutive session that we witnessed a northerly move. From an early low of 14.07, it would go on to attain a daily high of 17.42 on volume that exceeded the 3-month average by nearly 2M shares. That worked out to a solid intraday run of 24%

As measured from the low we observed following our initial alert on Friday morning (11.40) to yesterday’s peak PPS, the JDST has risen 53% overall.

As we’ve previously mentioned, due to the nature of the fund, extended success for the JDST is contingent upon continued hardship for gold, which continued to flirt with its 3-month lows yesterday.

Side Note:

By now, our regular readers are aware of our trading chatrooms*, which have have turned up prime opportunities in the past due to reader participation. Yesterday, we were treated to an excellent idea from ‘Tango’ in the form of PPCH:

Following this exchange, PPCH traded in a monstrous range from .006-.035, a 483% intraday rip!

Incidentally the company also has news out this morning:

MELBOURNE, Australia, March 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Propanc Health Group Corporation (PPCH) (“Propanc” or “the Company”), an emerging healthcare company focusing on the development of new and proprietary treatments for cancer patients, today announced fresh new insights have emerged into the development and spread of carcinomas >> FULL PR

*Remember, any readers who’d like to get involved in our trading chats in the future can do so easily! For either the Premium or the free chats, simply add “stocksumo” as a contact on Skype and request access!

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Reviewing EYES, MNST & More

Second Sight Medical Products, Inc. EYES 

When we first began tracking EYES in last Tuesday’s morning report, the stock was trading at a low of 9.55, and it would spend the next two sessions bulling its way up as high as the 14.40’s. On Thursday, the stock underwent a slight consolidation, coming back to ultimately find support in the 11.80-range.

Then on Friday, EYES made another significant run as it exploded out of the gate at a low of 12.17 and soared to an afternoon high of 17.39. It marked an strong intraday gain of 47% on more than 16x the 3-month average volume.

That high also resulted in an overall increase of 82% above the low we observed on Tuesday morning, an incredible 4-day swing for a stock trading in this price range.

Friday’s Options Idea

We also want to take a minute to congratulate any of our readers who connected on our options daytrading idea for Monster Beverage Corp. MNST from Friday’s report. Just to refresh your memories, we speculated that $135-137 Weekly Calls might have been in line to see some rapid upward moves, and that’s precisely what occurred as the stock made its own solid run.

The first hour saw MNST trading the entire breadth of its daily range from a low of 137.72 to a high of 143.89, and as a result, our targeted contracts saw sharp rises in excess of roughly 200%

Added Reminder:

For some of our newer readers who may not be familiar with our operating procedures, EnXnet, Inc. EXNT is going to serve as an excellent reminder of why we encourage our subscribers to check our blog at each morning, even if you’ve already read our report via email or a republish on a Third-Party website.

Very often, we catch runners early in the session that were not included in our daily premarket report, and when this occurs, we place these symbols on our sidebar tracker.

Just such a occurrence came in the form of EXNT on Friday at approximately 9:50AM when we spotted it and placed it on the tracker. From that time on, the stock traded up 137% from a low of .04 to subsequent high of .095, so again, we encourage everyone to visit Blue Horseshoe Stocks after trading commences each morning to catch potential late-adds just like EXNT.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: LOGL, CYTX Reviews & More

Legend Oil & Gas, Ltd. LOGL

We’re wrapping up what has been one of our most fruitful weeks of 2015 so far by taking a look at the move LOGL made after we flagged it in yesterday morning’s premarket report. It isn’t too often that we run across a play that goes from a low-subpenny PPS to barrel its way well past a penny in a single session, but that’s just what happened.

The stock rose steadily from a morning low of .0038 until early afternoon, when it broke through the 200DMA of .0077 and then really took off, reaching a high of .017 on volume which exceeded the monthly average by nearly six times.

That incredible run gave our readers the chance at intraday gains of up to 347%, so hearty congratulations are in order for anyone who was able to take advantage of our timely call!

The huge move was driven in part by the same acquisition news released Wednesday morning, which caused us to flag it in our extended watchlist at that time.

Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. CYTX

We tracked CYTX to modest gains earlier this week, and yesterday the stock really began to move on news that the FDA had given clearance for CYTX to expand the scope of clinical trials of ECCS-50, a treatment for Scleroderma. >>> READ PR

From an early low of .78, the stock trended up to a late afternoon high of 1.25, which registered as an 60% intraday run on huge volume of more than 20x the 30-day average!

Options Idea

We also have a possible daytrading idea for Monster Beverage Corp. MNST which is gapping up in the premarket today. The company just beat earnings expectations, sending it into blue skies.

In the likely event that we see a continued uptrend, we’re going to be looking at Weekly $135-137 Calls for potential quick-strike trades.

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