BEAT, GRPR, INO, IWEB & Extended Watchlist

BioTelemetry, Inc. BEAT

After appearing on yesterday morning’s extended watchlist, BEAT went on a run that would take it from it’s early morning low of 6.40, to a strong close at 7.56, just a few pennies below the 7.59 high-of-day. A total intraday gain of 19% was made possible, an exemplary single-session move for a NASDAQ stock trading at over 5.00/share.

With the momentum we observed into the close, BEAT is a candidate for further gains, if it can maintain a base of support at or above previous resistance around 7.00.

Grid Petroleum Corp. GRPR

Another gainer to come off of the morning watchlist yesterday was GRPR, which in the first half hour of trading, would make a move from .0013 to as high as .002, representing a rapid move of 54%

Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. INO

We’ve been following INO all summer long, and it has not been a source of disappointment. Beginning with the addition of the stock to our extended watchlist on June 14th, at which time INO was trading as low as .645. By July 1st, it had hit a dollar. Yesterday, we saw a new high of 2.20, which equates to an increase of 242% from our original mention.

Yesterday we had IWEB back on watch, attempting to anticipate a reversal from its recent consolidation, and our timing once again proved to be extremely accurate. After opening at .026, the stock was able to break back above three cents, trading for as much as .0327. That intraday move works out to 26% on just under twice the 3mo. average volume.

Since we first began talking about IWEB on July 9th, the stock has presented us with cumulative gains approaching 150%

As we go forward, we’d like to see the RSI continue to hold above the 50-line, and support hold above the 50DMA at .0272. Key resistance points are recent swing highs of .0355 and .04.

July was a busy month for the company, as it added several new clients, and made a good deal of progress toward its goal of becoming a full-service cloud computing provider:

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