PEIX, BIOF, EGCT & Extended Watchlist

Pacific Ethanol, Inc. PEIX &

BioFuel Energy Corp. BIOF

Our mention of PEIX yesterday got us a spot on the Penny Stock Rumble top gainers list. The stock hit a high of .695 before closing at .6896. From the low of .4513 on Friday following our morning alert, that makes total possible gains of 55%

We mentioned BIOF along with PEIX, as both ethanol plays have a tendency to follow the same trends. BIOF hit a high of 10.75 yesterday, before closing out at 10.21. Being as low as 7.55 on Friday, yesterday’s high marks a 43% gain.


Ecologic Transportation, Inc. EGCT

EGCT had another day of higher highs and higher lows on Monday, touching .37 and closing out at .34. This adds to the continuing uptrend we’ve recently observed in the stock.  A proper timing of last week’s .20 low, would have put you in a position to make up to 85% percent in profits at the top of yesterday’s trading range.

This is the third run of substantial gains we’ve seen out of EGCT since we first mentioned it. At the time we called EGCT a long term play with short term potential, and it has lived up to our expectations completely. We expect the future to continue to bring similar fortune.


ADDED NOTE: We’ve been stressing attention to Apple Calls in recent editions of our newsletter, and for good cause. Leading into this week we were looking at the $680 Calls and they are performing nicely, however, if Apple continues to trend upward, we may be turning our attention to Calls that aren’t so deep in the money, perhaps the $700 and $705 Calls.


Extended Watchlist: