ANTS, HLNT, BVSN & Extended Watchlist

ANTs software inc. ANTS

We are reintroducing ANTS, a stock that has brought up some nice gains in the past, broke out yesterday on some big volume. It closed near the HOD of .0175 for a 150%

Based off of the momentum that we saw yesterday, we are looking for some continuation into today, with resistance showing at .02 and .0328.

It is probable that the surge in volume was instigated by a PR released yesterday:

MASON, Ohio, Sept. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — ANTs is pleased to announce that ANTs has received a $7mm contract from a private firm for architectural and programming support for a FORTUNE 500 Company. ANTs is a sub-contractor to the prime contractor. The project start date is November 2012.

Additionally ANTs is in negotiations with IBM, Italy and SAP, China regarding their existing client projects involving the AAA (ACS Advanced architecture) as well as long term projects and licensing of other ANTs non-exclusive IP products. Service and support contracts are contemplated.


Highline Technical Innovations. Inc. HLNT

Much like ANTS, HLNT is also well-known to us here. Having first appeared June 29th, when it traded as low as .0046. Yesterday the stock broke key resistance at the two-cent mark, reaching new 52-wk highs. At the close of .022, that marks a gian of 378% from the low following our initial alert. All of the chart indicators are suggesting that the run could continue.

The RSI and the Slow STO are in the powerzone, and the PPO is getting ready for a crossover. The last few pullbacks made by HLNT, the 20 and 50DMA’s have held as support. We’d like to see that continue moving forward, with .014 and .018 holding as main support.


BroadVision, Inc. BVSN

We are adding BVSN to our radars as a bottom bounce play. This is a stock that has experienced a huge run in the past, running from the upper 7.00-range all the way up to more than 56.00, gaining over 620% between December ’11 and March ’12.

This morning it appears as though it may gap up over 5%, and based on what we’ve seen from BVSN’s history and how it looks like it wants to react this morning, we want to keep this one on our watchlist moving forward.


Extended Watchlist: