Options Calls Buck the Trend, Fresh Ideas & More

Options Trading Recaps: 

The markets took a sour turn for yesterday’s session, but that didn’t stop us from cleaning up on our options plays once again. We set up three pins, and bowled them all over for some really nice gain opportunities on the day.

The contract sets we were targeting were the SHOP Weekly $420-435 Calls, the BKNG Weekly $2300-2350 Calls, and the FTNT 05/20 $290-310 Calls. Like always, we’ll list the daily ranges, and total possible profits to be had, below. Our longer-term calls in FTNT were the only ones which failed to crack into multi-bag territory, but the moves they recorded on the day were still quite respectable.

SHOP Weekly $420-435 Calls
3.80-13.60 (+258%)
$425: 3.00-11.02 (+267%)
$430: 2.20-8.90 (+304%)
$435: 1.70-6.91 (+306%)

BKNG Weekly $2300-2350 Calls
$2300: 15.96-45.70 (+186%)
$2320: 13.00-30.07 (+131%)
$2350: 8.94-18.00 (+101%)

FTNT 05/20 $290-310 Calls
$290: 7.70-12.88 (+67%)
$300: 5.31-8.07 (+52%)
$310: 3.10-5.20 (+68%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 05/06 $412-414 Calls*
SQ Weekly $96-99 Calls*
EOG Weekly $123-125 Calls*

*Please don’t try to trade options on their day of expiration unless you are well versed in options trading!

Sysorex, Inc. SYSX – Recap:

We’ve also got another update on SYSX this morning, which we most recently talked about on Tuesday morning. At the time we had already tracked the stock to gains of well over a thousand percent, and once again the stock has soared to new heights. Take a look below at the range on this thing which is reached epic proportions since our first alert on Monday of last week!

Initial Alert: Apr. 25th
Range: .0046-.1128
Gained: +2352%

Extended Watchlist: