VPER, RENU, DOMK | Midday Updates

Viper Networks, Inc. VPER

Once again, we timed the bounce on VPER just right, with the stock hitting .0031 this morning; nearly a 100% gain from Friday’s low.

We have since seen a pullback, where a higher level of support has been found. We like the addition of this morning’s PR, and hope to see the LOI executed. We look forward to updates on that situation.


Renuen Corp. RENU

RENU first appeared on our Extended Watchlist on April 30th, at which time the stock was trading just off its 52-wk low at .0016.

Today we saw an increase in volume on the stock, to the tune of greater than 5X its 10-day average. At its current price of .0033x.0036, it is currently up over 100% from that low.


DoMark International, Inc. DOMK

New to our radar today, DOMK turned out to be yet another well-timed alert on our part. The stock gapped up today to open at 3.44 (from 3.16), hit a high of 4.71, dipped to find support at the 3.75 level, only to then bounce back, and is currently trading in the low-to-mid. 4.30’s.

Savvy traders could be walking away with intraday gains in excess of 50% for their efforts to properly time this play. In the meanwhile, record volume has traded, with over 3.2M shares changing hands. We most certainly want to keep this, and today’s other plays on our radar.